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1894-1898        defender

Born on 26th June 1875 in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Northumberland, England.

Height : - .m  (' ")

Weight : -  - kgs    (st lbs)

A full back who joined Spurs when Arsenal turned to professionalism and played an important part in the early years of the club as they tried to join the League.

His family moved around when Ly was young and from Glasgow club Melrose to Sheffield, where he played for his school side and then he next turned out for Woolwich Polytechnic when the family made London their home. 

The defender was soon spotted by Woolwich Arsenal and was signed on amateur terms in January 1892, although the club soon adopted professionalism and his good performances at right back earned him a place in their side even after they entered the league a year later.  However, the South London club favoured those paid players and Burrows dropped out of contention for a place in the side, feeling unappreciated and unhappy at playing in their reserve team.  He made it known that he was not content to stay at Woolwich and Tottenham were in quickly to sign him in October 1894.

His first game was in the FA Cup against Wolverton and was a regular into the start of the next season, but he was hit by an illness which laid him low and fears were expressed that he may never play again.  It was during the 1984-85 season that Spurs decided to go professional, but unlike Ly's previous clubs, Tottenham did it progressively and kept a large number of the amateurs and blended some professionals in alongside them.  Burrows was one of the first names on the team-sheet, so there was a place for him in the new set-up and forged a regular starting position in the team when he regained full fitness, as Spurs joined the Southern League in 1896 and pushed for entry to the Football League.

His accomplished and stylish displays earned Ly the admiration of many and he was considered one of the best defenders in the South of England and he was picked to represent London on a number of occasions.  His height gave him an imperious appearance and he hardly wasted a ball when he passed it out of defence, linking particularly well with the winger on his flank.

The strange thing was that although he played for Tottenham all this time, he was still registered as a Woolwich player and played ten times in the league for them.  His star was fading in the Spurs team, as they looked to move up to the next level and his business interests took him back to Sheffield, meaning he left the club in December 1897.  He signed for United in his new home town city and played a handful of games for them as his business took over as the main focus of his attention.

Lycurgus Burrows died in Gosforth, Northumberland on 23rd August 1952.



Career Record
Club Signed Fee Debut Apps Goals
Melrose ?? ?? ??  ?? ??
Woolwich Polytechnic ?? ?? ??  ?? ??
Woolwich Arsenal ?? ?? ??  ?? ??
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1894 ?? 3rd November 1894  V Wolverton (FA Cup) (Home)  won 5-3 118 3
Sheffield United ?? ?? ??  ?? ??
- ?? ?? ??  ?? ??

- international
- full caps;  - goals
Under-21 caps; goals
- Cup winners medal 19---

- appearance


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