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2004 - 2006        defender

Born on 14th April 1979 in Fontenay-sous-Bois, Paris, France.

Height : -  1.80m  (5' 11")

Weight : -  86 kgs    (st lbs)

A tough tackling defender with a prodigious shot was bought by Jacques Santini to bolster the Tottenham defence when he took over as manager. 

Noe Pamarot was a strapping specimen and could play across the back four, but he suffered injury in April 2005 after an initial good run in the side and dropped out of favour when Martin Jol replaced Santini and began shaping the team in his own way.  Without being a spectacular performer, Noe played a solid defensive role and also got up to score a couple of goals from corners, as he gave a physical presence in the opposition's area.  A man with massive thighs, he did get turned too easily sometimes, but generally, his tackling was well timed.  It was a shame that we did not get an opportunity to see his talent from free-kicks, which he showed to great effect at his previous club Nice, where he hit the ball with great power.

After returning from his knee ligament injury, he played one further game - ironically on Boxing Day 2006 against Birmingham City, the team he got his injury against -and when he was thought to be of no further use to Tottenham, he was allowed to leave to join Portsmouth along with Pedro Mendes and Sean Davis in a joint deal.

Arriving at Fratton Park under manager Harry Redknapp, Pamarot settled into defence and performed well at his new club.  Niggling injuries affected him and he was not always a regular for Pompey, but he was a non-playing substitute in the FA Cup Final of 2008, which Portsmouth won 1-0 against Cardiff City.




Career Record
Club Signed Fee Debut Apps Goals
Paris FC (France) 1995 - ??  25 2
SV Martigues (France) 1997 - ??  25 2
Nice (France) 1st August 1998 - ??  122 6
Portsmouth 3rd September 1999 - 8th May 2000 Loan ??  1 + 2 as a sub 0
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 24th August 2004 £1,750,000 25th August 2004  v  West Bromwich Albion (Premier League) (away)  drew 1-1 28 + 2 as a sub 2
Portsmouth 12th January 2006 ?? ??  ?? ??
Hercules (Spain) ?? Free ??  ?? ??
- ?? ?? ??  ?? ??

Career Record
- -
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
SV Martigues (France)
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
Nice (France)
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
Portsmouth (loan)
1 + 1 as a sub League appearances; 0 goals
0 FA Cup appearances; 0 goals
0 + 1 as a sub League Cup appearances; 0 goals
?? Other appearances; 0 goals
23 + 2 as a sub League appearances; 1 goal
2 FA Cup appearances; 1 goal
3 League Cup appearances; 0 goals
?? Other appearances; ?? goals
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals

France international
0 full caps;  0 goals
?? Under-18 caps; ?? goals
?? Youth caps; ?? goals
FA Cup winners medal 2007-08 (Portsmouth)

- appearance




If you were an actor, who would your leading lady be ? 
Nicole Kidman, because I liked her movie Moulin Rouge.  It is one of my favourites.

What keeps you entertained on long journeys ? 
My CD player, but it's broken at the moment, so I have to get a new one.  For the moment, I just talk with Fredi Kanoute and all the players who can speak French.

Favourite cartoon character ? 
Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote

Favourite town/city ? 
Paris.  I was born in Paris and I like London, there are so many things to do.  But Paris is smaller than London and is easier to get around.

Are you a gadgets person ? 
Apart from my mobile, the most hi-tech piece of equipment I have is my iPod.

What is good/bad about being famous ? 
When you see the kids, when they meet you and shake your hand, how happy they are.  I think it is really good to be able to make people happy.  The worst thing is when people spy on you and talk about you, but don't know you.

What day would you like to live over again ? 
My first selection for the France Under-18 team.   It was in Paris and my family were there and I was very proud.  We lost the game 2-1 to Spain, but it is still a good memory.

What annoys you ? 
People when they are rude about me.  I know my English isn't perfect, but when I try to speak with someone and they don't try to understand me, that annoys me.

Who is your all-time sports person ?  
I don't really have one, but I like Lilian Thuram.  I try to watch him in games to learn from him.

What flavour filling would you have in a jacket potato ? 
I have never tried jacket potatoes.  I see people here and they put butter, cheese and beans inside, so maybe one day I will try one like this.

What song would you sing if you were doing karaoke ? 
For the moment, it is “Burn” by Usher.  I am singing this all the time in the dressing room and Jamie says he doesn't understand what I am singing !

Do you have a lucky charm or superstition ? 
I have something lucky, something that I wear during the game.  It is for tying my shinpads.  It has my name, number and my wife's name on.

What was the last film you saw ? 
The last one of the Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King.

What are you scared of ? 
I'm not really scared of anything, maybe a little nervous about heights.

What is the best journey you've ever been on ? 
It was last summer when I was in New York with my wife.  It was my first time there and it was really good.  We did everything, all the tourist things.

Do you believe in ghosts ? 
Yes I think there is something, not ghosts, but spirits, I believe.  I haven't seen any though.

Who is the quickest you have ever played against ? 
Last time it was Thierry Henry, but Jermain Defoe also is really quick.  In France, it would be Sydney Govou of Lyon and Ludovic Giuly who is at Barcelona now, but was at Monaco.

When did you last cook and what did you cook ? 
Not a long time ago, it was some prawns, with some rice and onions.  I like to cook..

What did you listen to in the car today ? 
 It was some hip-hop music by Method Man.  I have six CDs in my car and this one is very good.

What do you always put off until tomorrow ? 
Papers, you know for bank and bills, any kind of paperwork.

What's the biggest surprise you have ever had ? 
When I heard that Tottenham wanted to sign me.  They came to a game and we lost to Bordeuax, so I was really surprised.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour ? 
Hagen Daas - Macadamia

Is there anything you can't live without ? 
When I have people around me, my family, my wife, I think I can't live without them.

Have you ever played a musical instrument ? 
Yes, I did, at school I played the flute.  I was quite good !

When did you last get a yellow card and did you deserve it ? 
It was in France, and I didn't deserve it, but I don't remember.

What is your favourite animal at the zoo ? 
I really like the lions and all the big cats.




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