Here is a talking point that we were having today ... Is Harry Redknapp right to keep speaking on air about the fixture congestion excuse and the weakened teams he is about to put out ?

We have had him saying before the Manchester United FA Cup trip, "If Alex is watching, I tell him now I be sending up a reserve team etc."  Before the second leg of the UEFA Cup tie against Shakhtar we get, "What team do you expect me to play three days before a final ?  It will be second string, etc., etc."  Then, whilst on the pitch minutes after the Cup Final defeat, we hear, "If Middlesbrough are watching at home they must be laughing.  We have cramp, tired limbs, etc., etc., etc."

I remember a Bill Nick interview where he said you are nothing unless you are in Europe, yet here we are showing a white flag to the opponents in a UEFA Cup tie.  Spurs need European football.  It puts you on the world stage and attracts better players.  We showed the white flag to United in the FA Cup and now seem to be saying to Middlesbrough, "You know what, we are so knackered after this final that if you play really well against
us you could win."

I know football has changed and it all about money now, so staying in the Premiership is the holy grail, but how sad that we have several managers quoting, "I'm not bothered about the FA Cup, Carling Cup, etc.";  "We won't win it anyway."  (Steve Coppell)

It seems success is now for most clubs finishing mid table or in other words making the numbers up and let the big four win all the cups and have the success.  I do put some of this blame on Man Utd and Arsenal who started this "I'm playing the kids as this cup is not our priority" (Wenger), etc.  Also United not entering the FA Cup to play some unknown, money spinning game across the world was a disgrace to all FA clubs, but then that's United for you - arrogant.

We even have players saying if we don't get in the Champions League I'm off.  Do people remember 1982 ?  Spurs going for four trophies, having to play 11 games in about 24 days; ending up European Cup Winners Cup
semi finalists, League Cup finalists, FA Cup winners and a top six finish.  Wouldn't you want that back as a fan today or are you happy to finish 15th ?

So is Harry right ?  Or is he trying to play mind games and put the opposition into a false sense of security.  It is playing a risky game and games are running out.  Remember Harry said "if I can't stop this team getting relegated with the players we have here, then I will leave at end of the season." 

I hope those words don't come back to haunt you Harry maybe your better off keeping schtum.


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