no one loves us, we don't care ?



Upon leaving the warm, cosy bosom of the Spurs fanzine sites sprawled across the various social media outlets it is abundantly clear that we are not loved by the general football supporting public.

I would go so far as to say that we are ridiculed for being excited with finishing third and then second in the last two seasons. This is ludicrous as all the other teams in the league would give their left reproductive organ to be in Spurs’ position; they just don’t want to admit it.
The fact of the matter is that we are going about things the right way and EVERYTHING is falling into place. Each season we are getting stronger and learning from the mistakes from the season before – last season’s end of campaign capitulation seems a distant memory after the last three wins of this season.
We have a close knit team with possibly the strongest spirit in the Premier League, a defence that is the envy of the top tier, an young English Striker that is both a consummate professional and a lethal goal scorer to boot, a manager that players would run through brick walls for and a Chairman that is orchestrating the growth of the club masterfully from his lofty perch within middle earth.

So why pray tell are the media not lauding our exploits from the rooftops as they seem to be doing with Liverpool; a team that barely qualified for the CL qualifying round under supposedly the brightest young manager around apart from Pep Guardiola?

I will tell you why…
Klopp is a media darling that gives animated interviews and pulls funny faces on the touchline.
Mourinho is well… Mourinho.
Guardiola is seen as enigmatic (living off his previous cushty coaching roles at Bayern and Barca if you ask me).
Conte tends to leak opinions to the media that seem like gems of information at the time.

All these managers play the game for the media and in return the media put their faces together in a collage on their big screen at “Title Run-in” time. Oh and just for the record, half the press and TV media are Arse fans so that explains their unrivalled coverage.

Now we come to Pochettino; here is a man that gives very little away of anything other than pure fact to the press. His press conferences are measured and well thought out, he comes across as unruffled and is not fazed by anything that the press try to throw at him. As for Levy - tighter than a duck’s butt when it comes to giving anything to the press. This leaves the likes of Sky Sports and Co either scrambling to get any pundit seen as half intelligent to predict that we will find it hard to keep hold of all our players and manager or they just don’t bother including us in any kind of title tilt articles.

I love this. We keep all our goings on in-house and progress at a tidy rate and the media hate this as there is nothing they can do but try and belittle and sour our achievements.

Well, long may it continue, because as long as the media continue to shun us and rival fans continue to taunt us about scoring the most and conceding the least but still winning nothing then I know they are running scared of the mighty Spurs. It is merely a matter of time before we reach the promised land my brothers and sisters !!

Ahem … anyway, there is an interesting debate on one of our sites about who was the bigger cult hero out of Chris Perry and Gary Doherty … I’m off to put my two pennies worth in …


Lee Bradley



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