Poll Results 1999-2000

Well, you have had your say on the 1999-2000 season and a few things besides.
As the returning officer for MEHSTG, I have pleasure to announce the results of the poll as follows ...

1. Best Player this season.

Stephen Carr    75
Sol Campbell    11
David Ginola    8
Tim Sherwood  5
Steffen Iversen 1

No real surprise there then. Stevie has had a wonderful season for club and country, producing determined performances in defence and going forward too. Letís hope he will be in the reckoning for this category for many years to come. Did Davidís share of the vote have any bearing on his situation at the club ?


2. Worst Player this season.

Ian Walker             20
Les Ferdinand       14
Willem Korsten      12
Steffen Freund      10
Ruel Fox                  9
Mauricio Tarrico    6
Chris Armstrong    6
Justin Edinburgh  6

Others :- Leonhardsen, Scales, Iversen, Clemence, Ferdinand, Perry, Anderton, Saib, Vega, Ginola, Dominguez.

Poor old keepers, eh ? Or not in your view. At least he played in most of the games, unlike the next few players and I suppose that Freund is there for his shooting inaccuracy. A long list of suspects were polled and there appear to be few players who are actually liked.


3. Best goal scored by Spurs.

Carr v. Man U (H)              80 
Carr v. Sunderland (H)     16
Sherwood v. Villa (A)        1
Sherwood v. Arsenal (H)  1
Ginola v. Watford (H)       1
Armstrong v.Boro (H)       1

Personally, I liked the Sunderland one better, but the whole Man U game was a belter - a bit like Carrís goal. Nice to see Sherwood getting a mention as quite a few of his goals are scrappy, but these were class and hey what about Armoís v Liverpool and Southampton ? Worth a mention arenít they ?


4.Best goal scored against Spurs.

Alan Wright - Villa (H)    44
Dion Dublin - Villa (H)    24
Beckham - Man U (A)     12
Carbone - Villa (H)           5

Others :- Berger - Liverpool (A), Keane - Coventry (H), Ricard - Boro (H), Weir - Everton (A), Makin - Sunderland (H), Harte - Leeds (H).

That Villa game has left an mark on all our memories. All four goals could have featured here and the fact that three of them make the top four says a lot about that grey day. All those mentioned have been stunning strikes, with Keaneís the exception, but we wonít have to worry about him for a while !


5. Most improved Spurs player.

Stephen Carr             47
Steffan Iversen          16
Chris Armstrong       14
Stephen Clemence  13
Luke Young               8
Ian Walker                 1
Ledley King                1

Once again Stephen takes the honours by a country mile. How much he has improved is a matter of opinion and certainly the improvement in Armo and Clem towards the end of the season was noticeable. Strange to see one person thinks Walker has improved while most see him going backwards !


6. Best match this season.

Arsenal (H)              44
Man U (H)               42
Southampton (H)   8
Liverpool (H)           3
Everton (H)              1
Leicester (A)            1
Sunderland (H)      1

The atmosphere at the Sunderland game at the end of the season made it a good game, whereas the whole thing about the Arsenal and Man U games made them come out on top, but it was a close thing between them. The goalfest against The Saints rated highly as we havenít seen such gluts in recent years.


7. Worst match this season.

Newcastle (A)    33
Arsenal (A)         13
Villa (H)               9
Fulham (A)         8
Sheff Wed (H)    7
Bradford (H)       7

Others :- Middlesbrough (H), Kaiserslautern (A), Leicester (H), Derby (H), West Ham (A), Leeds (H), Coventry (A), Watford (A), Man U (A).

You were all a bit spoilt for choice really. The FA Cup replay thrashing took it by some distance, but I would have thought the UEFA Cup exit was worse as we were through until stoppage time. More candidates in this section that for the Best game !!


8. Most impressive opponent.

Player :- Harry Kewell 12
                 Di Canio 6
                 Roy Keane 3
                 Desailly 3
                 Beckham 3
                 Giggs 3
                Jaap Stam 3

Others :- Henry, Westerveld, Horsfield, Scholes, Vieira, N. Quinn, Carbone, Steven Gerrard, Hasselbaink, Robbie Keane, Ziege.

Club :-  Man U 17
                Leeds 14
                Bradford 5
                Newcastle 5
                Chelsea 5

Others ;- Fulham, Liverpool, Kaiserslautern, Southampton.

We meant individual rather than team for this category, but have included both sets of answers here. Kewell is one of the outstanding talents in the Premier League - especially when Leeds play us that is ! Iím a bit surprised about the inclusion of Hasselbaink as I donít remember Spurs playing Atletico Madrid !! All the other players had good games against us some time during last season.

As for the best teams we faced, you rate Man U and Leeds as the prime opponents, which is not surprising. Nice to see Soíton get a mention, but this is probably so that we might get six points against them again this time around.


9. Being realistic, which one player would you like Tottenham to sign in the summer.

Zenden           21
Lampard         9
Solskjaer         9
Hasslebaink   7
Ehiogu           4
Rebrov           4

Others :- Seedorf, Shevchenko, Kluivert, Robbie Keane, Izzett, Southgate, Lennon, Jeffers, Nuno Gomes, Jardel, Tore Andre Flo, Bejbl, Zahovic, Ehiogu, Redknapp, DíAllesandro, Barmby, Scholes, Thatcher, Steven Gerard, Butt, Delvecchio, Hyypia, Beckham, Rui Costa, Sullivan, Michael Owen.

What a long list and a huge squad we would have if all your dreams came true. I can understand why Zenden topped the poll after his successful Euro 2000 performances. However, it would be a real feat to tempt him to come to Tottenham. Lampard is more of an option, while Ole seems happy sitting off field for Man U. Many of the others would prefer to stay where they are (no doubt) or have gone elsewhere during the summer. DíAllesandro (as you know) would be my main target if possible.


10. Worst referee (just one please).

Rob Harris           27
Uriah Rennie     25
Graham Poll      16
Paul Durkin       13
David Elleray     9
Mike Reed          6

Others :- Steve Lodge, Graham Barber, Andy Díurso, Paul Alcock, Neale Barry, Mike Riley, Jeff Winter.

We took the mentions of Rolf Harris and Bob Harris (not the one on the Old Grey Whistle Test), as Rob and he just pipped the egotistical Uriah to the top of the heap. His handling of the Villa game at the Lane was a joke and his reputation has plummeted this season after his FA Cup substitute fiasco at Tranmere. The usual suspects appear in the list, but surprised to see Barber and Barry as they seem a bit more sensible than the rest.


11. Best away ground visited this season.

Old Trafford           28
Stadium of Light   17
Pride Park              16
Anfield                    12
Villa Park                 5

Others :- Stamford Bridge, The Dell, Highfield Road, Selhurst Park, Hillsbrough, Goodison Park, Craven Cottage, Fritz Walter Stadion (Kaiserslautern), Clarence Park (St Albans), Vicarage Road.

Unsurprisingly, Man U always comes out at the top of this section. However, the Mackems appear to have seen the light and have gone into second place, while Derby (probably because of their generosity) make third. But The Dell - really ??


12. What do you think the new away kit should look like.

As new one/opposite of home  52
All navy                                         18
Yellow version of home kit         7
All purple                                       5

Others : - Not yellow, not purple, old style (60ís/71), Brazil 70, Italy 2000, Simple and bold/plain, any non-gooner strip.

Again, the current design seemed to take pride of place, with some other suggestions which seem unlikely to make the cut of the cloth. The kit should be plain in your opinion and the current two donít do too bad in that department. Credit is due to the voter who said it is the players who wear them that matter !!


13. Which other team do you dislike the most.

Chelsea                  29
Arsenal                   21
Man U                    14
Leeds                      8
Villa                         6
West Ham              6
Middlesbrough     4
Leicester                 4
Arsenal reserves    1

Nice to see that there is a healthy spread of dislike throughout the reaches of the Premier League. Chelsea take the biscuit as we havenít beaten them since the Queen Mum was a lass, then come our traditional (and boring) rivals, before Man U appear. Also good to note the appearance of a reserve side too.


14. Do you think Tottenham should

Expand at White Hart Lane        87
Move to the proposed Picketts
Lock Athletics stadium                 13

 The home ground of Tottenham Hotspur should be just that you think. Even though Picketts Lock is less than a couple of miles away, the heart and soul is at the Lane. The confusion over the size of the athletics stadium leaves a lot to be desired, but the nightmare scenario is that Arsenal might move in there !!


15. Should Tottenham enter the InterToto Cup.

No                  62 
Yes                 38

So, you give a resounding no for a trip to the seaside again to watch Spurs play some non-entity of a European side for a place in the UEFA Cup concurring with GGís opinion. It is now harder to win through to a final, with some top clubs taking part, but it would give some meaning to pre-season matches and be good experience, even if a UEFA place wasnít secured.


16. Do you think Tottenham are right to hold out before selling a proportion of their shares to a media company (i.e. Sky, Carlton, NTL, etc.).

Yes                71
No                29

A fair consensus of opinion that we donít sell out to media companies and leave the club in the hands of individuals rather than multi-national conglomerates. Not sure it would have had the same response if I had asked the question in that form.


17. Would you like to see more reserve games played at White Hart Lane.

Yes                                          47
No                                           32
No view                                  9
Would ruin pitch                  6
Depends on state of pitch   3

A return to the Lane was popular, with some saying they were too far away for it to matter. Quite rightly, the effect on the pitch was raised as a concern. St. Albans pitch isnít brilliant, I can tell you.


18. Do you think that George Graham should blood some of the young signings sooner rather than later.

Yes                                                 75
No                                                  11
Etherington & Davies only        9
Only in less important
games   3

Overwhelming support for playing the young stars of Spurs, with some reservations. However, you will only find out how good they are if they play in the first team, but with Ginola gone, Ethers might find it hard to go a full season.


19. With whom do you feel that the problem in signing players lies

Alan Sugar                                               42
donít want to come                                   1

Our Knight comes out on top, just pipping Pleaty, with GG a distant third. Again, if the poll was done post-Ginola, GG might have been higher up. I suppose the blame is pointed at Sugar for not releasing big money before now, but the confusion over Pleatís position at the club has clouded the issue. One pollster rightly said that the players arenít keen to come and that is the result of mismanagement over the years and the resulting lack of success meaning our pulling power is less than great.

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