a rant


Hi.  My name's Alan O'Brien and I'm 25, from age dot I was a Spurs boy through and through, my dad saw to that.  He fought off the advances of my uncle, who tried repeatedly to turn my head towards Man U ... to be honest I'm starting to wonder why he bothered !  

Every year the same old shite, links with players we can't possibly get, embarrassment when we try to sign a half decent player and he turns us down to go to Charlton - CHARLTON - who the f**k are they !!!  If there isn't any money why don't the board come out and say so.  Not all this thrifty cobblers we keep hearing from second hand newspaper sources.  Surely the fans have earned a bit of trust ?  If we can sit through Francis and Gross, 7-1 Newcastle (I was there), 6-1 Bolton (I was there) and 1-6 Chelsea (I was bloody there as well), then we can't be accused of being fair weather.  

Now I want my payback. 

Quite frankly it's an embarrassment to support Spurs at the moment, as much as I try to glorify it and tell myself that ours is the truer path to righteousness (rather than those red scum dan t'road), I can't believe it any more.  Even my boy keeps winding me up saying he likes Arsenal (that's dabbling with the black arts as far as I'm concerned) and he's supposed to be a Spurs fan !  I mean it's getting poor when a five year old knows not to follow his dad - so why am I still wearing lilywhite ?  The truth is I love Spurs, from Gazza's FA Cup semi free kick to Klinsmann's half volley 20 yard farewell against SCBC I have white and blue pumping through my veins and I just can't give up - even if the club can.

Has anyone tried to contact Levy yet to tell him to turn the cockerels around yet ?  Maybe we could make it a campaign amongst the fans and have a big ceremony at the beginning of the season to come ?  Even if we didn't sign anyone, that would give me optimism, but at the moment it's very hard.  Everyone seems to be signing everyone else, Kewell to Arsenal !  We could have had him, we've even got his old team mate to entice him.  Why, oh why, aren't we doing anything - I get the feeling we are a rabbit trapped between the headlights.  The time will come soon when we'll get squashed, but there won't be any spirit in the sky, not from Spurs -  the hearts been ripped out by ten years of sugar poisoning ...

Sorry this is so depressing but that's how I feel at the moment when I hear nothing positive coming from the club.  Please see fit to trash me and point out why we should be cheerful.

Alan O'Brien

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