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A MEHSTG reader wrote in to ask what will happen if you are unable to maintain your season ticket while Spurs take a year "away" at Wembley in the 2017-18 season.  There had been correspondence with the club and the Spurs Trust, but there had been no hard and fast commitment to allowing an amnesty for that season, despite people having held season tickets for a long, long time.

While, normally, if you didn't renew your season ticket, it is understandable that you forfeit the right to take it up the next season, but this is a unique situation and the club should show goodwill to fans who have supported them through thick and thin rather than be ready to troll out the spiel that there are a million on the waiting list for a season ticket ... implying that if you don't have it, someone else will.

That argument is all well and good, but where are all these on the waiting list when the Europa League group games were held at White Hart Lane over the last few seasons.  Gillingham at home in the League Cup this season wasn't sold out and while Aston Villa fans could hardly hold the moral high ground after our visit to a  half full Villa Park last season, their chants of "empty seats my Lord" should ring out a warning to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

The pricing of the seating at Wembley for the European games this season has been sensible and that has been shown to be a way to fill a big ground.  But that has attracted a large number of football tourists, wanting to see a game at the national stadium for a fraction of the price it would normally cost for a Cup Final or an England match.

Would that section of the attendance necessarily be attracted to N17, even in the unlikely event that there is a similar pricing policy at the new stadium ?  What happens when we play a Hull City on a Wednesday night or a Middlesbrough on a Sunday morning.  How much of the 61,000 capacity will be filled then ?

Our reader felt that the club have changed the terms and conditions by moving away from the Lane and they cannot get to Wembley, so surely allowing someone a year out under these circumstances wouldn't hit the club so hard in the pocket that they would suffer and it would show some loyalty in return for the loyalty fans have shown to the club down the years.

Have you heard anything similar .. or indeed, anything different ?

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