and finally ... the finale



The 14th of May 2017 will go down in the club's history for a number of reasons.  Some statistical.  Some factual.  But mostly emotional.

Players of all eras.  Mixing with one another.  Sharing memories.  Taking photos and videos, just like fans.  Other standing back from the crowd.  Soaking it all up for one last time.  Memories of glory flooding back into their minds as they took one last look around the famous old ground.  Part missing, but still there in their recollections.  Some wiping a tear away.  Others enjoying the moment as they took to the turf that used to be their 'back garden'.

Famous names.  Famous faces.  All had shared the pitch that many fans had trod for maybe the first time in their lives just minutes before.

The whole parade had been done with class.  What else would you expect, having been organised, performed and choreographed by Spurs fans.  Gospel, opera, brass band, plus backing vocals by 30,000 to boost the noise and the emotions.

And there in the middle, the old and the new.  Former Spurs stars, the current squad and the academy players.  And surrounding them, the old and the new.  What would soon make way for the new ground grows around it.  And that would all begin within minutes.  Having chatted to Darren, the Head Groundsman, the new pitch starts being grown next week and will be the last thing to go in the new stadium.  The seeds of an idea long ago and many years of planning are coming to fruition ... seemingly both on and off the pitch.

Leaving the Lane was never going to be easy and that was why I was still there at 20.30 (sorry stewards). 

Taking in a last look and remembering all the times I have had at the Lane.  Good and bad, happy and sad, but all part of the experience and history of White Hart Lane.

Going, going ... soon to be gone.  But never forgotten.


White Hart Lane 
04.09.1899 - 14.05.2017

Wyart Lane


The Finale -  The Photos

Some of Wyart's photos of the day.





The Finale -  The Photos

Wyart's last look at the Lane.


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