spurs need a twenty goal a season striker

One of our readers thinks we need to shake things up in the forward department.


Just wanted to vent my disappointment after the closure of the transfer window. True we tried to sign various strikers during the recent January window, but ended with none not very good for a team like Spurs. Harry nearly purchased another midfield player which we need like a hole in the head, it is patently obvious we need a real quality striker who will supply 20 plus goals a season.
The current batch we have at the Lane, Crouch to me is not a Spurs kind of player. In fact  when he plays all we do is hump the ball up to him, and for the size of him wins very few balls in the air, in fact against Man United recently Vidic and Ferdinand had him in their pocket. We like the passing game at the Lane and with the quality we possess this season, all over the park, humping the ball up to him is not needed. Crouch will never get you many goals, god knows how he has scored so many goals for England. Should have been offloaded in the window.
Pavlyuchenko I thought was going to be a good addition to the squad, but he will not score you many goals. He is a good player, but appears to be down the pecking order after Crouch in Harry's team selection. Much better all round player.
Defoe is quality and has proved it on numerous occasions but still won't get 20 plus a season, he may well with a decent partner up front. We cant rely on Van der Vaart and Bale to supply goals all the time. 
My gripe really is that with so much quality through out the team, we should have ensured we got a striker to partner Defoe and insure getting fourth place again and progressing further in the Champions League. 

Just my thoughts

Tim Kitson-Harris (Season ticket holder)



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Don't disagree Tim, but I think there has been a shift on the way Spurs have played this season.

Last season, we were scoring for fun, but this season, with teams now regarding Tottenham as a top four club, have made things a lot more difficult for us.  As good as Bale and Modric have been, there has been an approach adopted by opponents to stifle the attacking instincts of the side.

This has made playing the way we did last season more problematical.

With Rafael van der Vaart coming in late in the August transfer window, it also posed a tactical issue for Redknapp to sort out, with the Dutchman playing a free role behind the front one or two.  This has meant that neither Pav nor Crouch have had a regular starting place in the line-up, although the VDV/Crouch partnership has paid dividends.  To accommodate VDV, we have had to lose one of the strikers and without a run in the side, it is hard for them to strike up a rhythm that they seem to get from scoring regularly.

As Defoe has been out injured for a long time, it is perhaps unfair to judge him on what he has done since he has come back.  Yes, he got two against Charlton and has had chances which he hasn't taken in the games against Blackburn and Bolton, but we have won them both ... perhaps not as comfortably as we might like, but then that's a good sign too.  Winning games when we haven't played to our full potential and when some players aren't firing on all cylinders, but we will need them to hit the net soon.

It looked like the club decided to try and get someone in during January, but left it to the last minute, to try and get a bargain, but nobody was willing to sell unless we paid a premium, so we were probably left with what we had to work with.

Harry has been emitting some less than complimentary remarks about Pav lately, so perhaps he will be only used as a last resort, while Crouch has been used more since your e-mail, including against Blackburn, when he got his second goal of the season.

There is no reason we can't win games, when Modric and Bale are back, as they make things happen more often than the remainder of the side, but the fact that the bulk of our goals have come from midfield is a real turnaround as we have been light in that area for a long time.

Get the forwards scoring too and we will be on the road to "the next level".

Bruce Castle



Sod's Law Tim that as soon as you write about Crouch he scores.

Apart from him being a good straight man for VDV, he does not score enough goals and with others struggling to hit the net, one forward has to step up to the plate.

But the service has been lacking in the last few games, with even Aaron Lennon looking fed up on Saturday v Bolton.  Sometimes, he looks like he has moved on from a couple of seasons ago, when he would waste good positions, but then on other days, he holds the ball for too long or plays the wrong pass.  His blistering pace is a massive asset and with Bale on the other flank, they must terrify opponents, but the final ball is all their tem-mates will worry about when they are waiting for it to come in.

Twenty-goal a season strikers don't grow on trees and maybe, Harry was just planting a seed or two for the summer with his efforts to tempt players in Spain in the January window.  With Pav saying he wants out in the summer, Harry's shopping trips might become a bit more regular towards the end of the season.

Barry Levington



Some very good points here in the preceding articles/posts.

My own take on it is that for 2 transfer windows in a row we've desperately needed a 20 goal a season striker. For the first half of this season we got away with not having signed one last summer due to a combination of  on the one hand Bale and VDV stepping up to the plate and giving the sort of goal return you'd expect from a good striker, and on the other most of our rivals for top 4 dropping points and not really pushing on. But that was unlikely to continue - VDV has lost form and both  he and Bale have had injury problems. Fortunately both City and Chelsea have continued to drop points but my concern is that at least one of the 2 is likely to put together a good run as both have easier run-ins than ours.

I have always been a big fan of Defoe but even allowing for injuries and a hangover from the world cup which has also affected others like Rooney, he has been poor this season. Pav and Crouch?  Both have had their moments but are best IMO as impact subs rather than regular starters not least because their goal return is not good enough. As for the loaned out Keane - well past his best.  So really none of our strikers is without a major question mark over them.

And never was our need for a prolific striker better illustrated than in the Blackpool game. Ok to some extent it was just one of those nights as some of our misses were truly amazing. But it's not like our strikers have been in good scoring form in other games. Blackpool was not a one off when it came to our strikers missing chances.

My bottom line is that there really was no excuse for us not getting a striker in in January. Our need of one had been apparent for ages so we had lots of time to line one up. And by all accounts we had plenty of money to help secure one with bids of excess of 30m being bandied about. I know that it is not easy to get the top strikers  but from all I've heard the main reason that we lost out is that we dithered over which targets to prioritise and ended up getting none of them.

Don't get me wrong I'm a massive fan of Harry and of what he's achieved and our squad taken as a whole is very strong. But he and Levy had to get a striker in in January to make top four more probable than possible in my opinion and I am worried that our failure to do so may come back to bite us. I really hope not but if we are to maintain our progress and even push on I do feel that we cannot possibly go through another transfer window without signing one.

We are as strong or stronger than our top four rivals in every area except striking options - we need to remedy that.



Iain Bishop


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