do spurs deserve champions league football ?


Maurice Freeman postulates his views on our failure to get Champions League football.  Do you agree ? 
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Wigan Athletic were relegated with 36 points an average of under one point a match in a 38 fixture Premier League season.

I am offering no prizes for answering from which team did Wigan obtain five points out of a possible six (14% of their meagre total).

I leave you with this question ...

Does a team that does not know how to close a match down (When leading 1-0 with two minutes to go) and then plays open football enabling the opponents to score twice deserve a place in the Champions League ?

As far as I am concerned (a supporter of over 70 years) the jury is still out on AVB. I am not sure he is the right manager for THFC.

As far as the board of directors are concerned if they dismissed Harry Redknapp for other than footballing reasons they ought to resign en bloc.

The silence on the reasons for his dismissal is deafening.

Maurice Freedman
Season 2012-13

Spurs achieved a record number of points in a Premier League season.

Some of the football has been thrilling.

We have beaten some of the clubs in the top four who we have had trouble beating in the past.

This has been a season in which the team have developed under the new manager and there has been a discernible shift in the style of play and the mentality of the team.

We have struggled, as now clubs play against us in a certain way, which we have to work out ways of getting around.

Yes, there are ways that the season could have been even better, of course, but frankly, I am happier missing out on the Champions League than scrabbling around for points at Selhurst Park against Wimbledon to stay in the Premier League.

I don't think we are far away form being a regular top four team, but we have to find the players needed to make that happen and be aware that we are not acting in isolation, as other teams strengthen each year too.

This is AVB's first season and there are still players that he would like to bring in and some he would like to move on to form his own squad.  He appears to be willing to change things during a match (how many times have substitutions led to a goal ?  Unlike throwing three subs on at once and hoping for the best).  He appears to be willing to learn from his mistakes. 

The test will come when he is in demand because he has been a success at Tottenham.  Will he be keen to jump ship at the first call from someone else (... or even the first hint of a rumour) ?

Harry got us into the Champions League for the first time and that should not be forgotten.  To get into the Champions League, you have to beat the worst teams as well as the best and achieving that consistency must be the aim to take us to that elusive "next level".  Harry dismissal might not have been solely for football reasons, but that is the decision to be taken if such issues are affecting the progress of the team.  I don't know what went on, but there was little protest at the time for the former manager.

I am not sure that I agree with you Malcolm in saying we don't deserve Champions League football.  After all, last time we got to the quarter final, while subsequent teams with a lot more resources (and who might have deserved to get CL football) have exited at the group stages.

Here's to the CL in 2014-15 !!

Wyart Lane


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