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A lot of people say a lot of things about Arsenal and their players and fans and ground ... and everything about them really. 

These are just some of them ...

"Jens changed his mind, but wasn't quick enough to respond to his brain."

ARSENE WENGER about goalkeeper Jens Lehmann's mis-kick that gave Fulham a goal in 2007.

"He starts crying after the final whistle.
I played for managers who would be turning in their graves."

ALAN HANSEN on William Gallas' petulant sob sat
on the floor after the Gooners draw at Birmingham City 23.02.08

"Without being too harsh on David, he cost us the match."

IAN WRIGHT on ITV about goalkeeper David Seaman

"Adams is stretching himself, looking for Seaman."

BRIAN MOORE (Football commentator)

"I hear Tony Adams is appealing. Apparently he wasn't pissed. He was just trying to get the wall back another 10 yards."

After dinner football speaker BOB BEVAN on Tony Adams' conviction for drunk-driving after his car crashed into front garden of a house in Romford

"The first wasn't a foul, so I thought, if they want a foul I'll give them a foul."

ERIC CANTONA explaining why he got sent off in two consecutive games against Arsenal in 1994

"It seems our defence have been around for donkey's years."

PAT RICE thinks like a lot of people about the Arsenal back four (Radio Five Live)

"It took a lot of bottle for Tony to own up."

IAN WRIGHT on Tony Adams' confession to being an alcoholic

"And Seaman, just like a falling oak, manages to change direction."


"These rumours are completely false.  I've only watched two musicals during my entire spell in London and they are Mamma Mia and Saturday Night Fever."

FREDDIE LJUNGBERG refutes the "gay" rumours which were circulating about him

"I can understand everyone, everyone except Ray Parlour."

JUNICHI INAMOTO tries to learn English

"If you love Senegal so much, why don't you play for them ?"

ROY KEANE poses a question to Patrick Vieira in the tunnel at Old Trafford

"Before the game there was all this stuff about anti-racism and anti-bullying. It would be a good idea to start wearing wristbands for anti-diving."

ROY KEANE before a game against Arsenal

"A bag of meat with eyes."

PORTUGUESE NEWSPAPER description of David Seaman after England lost 2-3 to Portugal

"I have had to adapt to a different footballing mentality since I have been in England.  I got booed by the crowd the first times I fell to the ground under challenge.  In the eyes of English people all Italians are divers, and there is an element of truth in that.  I think back to one of my former coaches, who taught me to run in a particular posture so I would go to ground more easily."

Arsenal's Italian youth signing ATURO LUPOLI

"Our objective is to keep Arsenal English, albeit with a lot of foreign players."

Arsenal Chairman DENIS HILL WOOD

"There is something reassuring about Arsenal's growing struggle to retain the championship.  The thought is not borne out of  any desire for Arsenal to fail or Manchester United to succeed but simply a wish to see the difficulty of winning back-to-back English league titles."  ... "For an Arsenal team to fail when in sight of honours would be a rarity.  For them, to fail because of defensive short-comings would be rarer, yet to some extent Wenger has wished these problems on himself. 
He inherited an ageing back four which, as Lee Dixon pointed out, was given an extension by the arrival of Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit to stiffen the midfield.  Wenger bought himself time to rebuild his defence, but so far neither time nor money has been wholly well spent."

The Guardian's football writer DAVID LACEY

"We had 500 passes, Tottenham had 222; we had 18 shots on goal, Tottenham had 12 and we had 64% of possession.  That suns up the game."

ARSENE WENGER after forgetting the score was 5-1 to Spurs in the League Cup semi-final second leg 2008

"Next, a man who has fulfilled every schoolboy's dream. He's won the Double, he's captained England and driven his car into a wall at very high speed.  Ladies and gentlemen, Tony Adams."

Character Sanjeev Kumar introducing Tony Adams on BBC TV comedy chat show "The Kumars at 42"

"Jesus, I only wanted you to pass the salt."

ROY KEANE on being given a tactical lecture by Tony Adams at a UEFA conference

"He was involved in both and spent so much time on the ground I was wondering when his funeral would be."

UEFA referee assessor KEITH COOPER on Arsenal's Ashley Cole's involvement in getting Lee Bowyer and Danny Mills of Leeds United sent off

"It's about the drunken parties that go no for days, the orgies, the birds and the fabulous money."

1970s Arsenal midfielder PETER STOREY well known for his criminal activities

"Shall we buy a crowd for you ?"

FANS OF AFFLUENT CHELSEA in 2005 on the quiet atmosphere at Highbury

"I watched the matches that were broadcast in Russia, but it seemed less difficult on TV."

Arsenal's new 2009 signing ANDREY ARSHAVIN

"I'm sure they would do well.  I'm sure they would get a point."

Arsenal midfielder CESC FABREGAS on how Arsenal Ladies would do against a Spurs team, who had picked up five points in nine games, just before the men's team faced Tottenham.  The game ended in a 4-4 draw.

"A couple of months ago a man in a Post Office van hee-hawed at me as he passed.  It's only once or twice a year these days.  Probably a Spurs fan."

On his life after playing (Times 09.05.2009)

"Sometimes you have to swallow the unswallowable."




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