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"But what Campbell did to Notts. County (walking out on the club after playing just one game) made what he did to Spurs and Arsenal seem almost heroic by comparison. 

Let's get one thing absolutely straight here.  He signed for such a lowly League Two club for money.  They offered him 40,000 a week for five years and, at 35 years old, he couldn't believe his luck.

But then, Campbell began reading about how this would end any chance he had for playing for England again and he panicked.  And he did what he's always done when that selfish gene kicks in, he walked.  A livid Sven Goran Eriksson, who ahd expended a lot of personal effort to land Campbell. talked of feeling 'let down' by the player.

He said, "I don't know the real reason he left, but he didn't like the training ground or the dressing room and things like that."

Oh, really ?

What you didn't like was everybody laughing at you and saying your remaining England prospects had just gone pear-shaped faster than Kerry Katona's backside.

Arsene Wenger says Campbell is a 'strong man' and that's why he tore up his County contract.  With the greatest of respect Arsene, he's not.  He's just a selfish git."

Piers Morgan (Arsenal fan) feature in the Mail on Sunday of 17th September 2009.


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Daily Mirror 07th November 2010

Did Wenger ask her for her number hoping she would be a decent number 5 ??


Between the years of 2005 and 2014 Arsenal ran a free-phone enquiry line that update their fans on their latest successes.

The phone number was 0800 10 10 10



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