A friend of mine helpfully pointed out that a crack-addled Yardie hitman only costs two hundred pound a pop. I've got a score and that's a start.

Matt Q


Well my worst nightmare has come true!

I don't know the facts of this breaking news as of yet, as it is 1pm on Tuesday, but has Mr. Campbell any brain cells?

There is going to be some idiot who calls themselves a Spurs fan, who is going to get carried away with the passion that is generated between these two rivals, because of Mr. Campbell. I fear for his family and close friends, I really do!

Have Arsenal broken their wage structure to do this? Only time will tell. If not, then it beggars belief.

I also hope that this is a wake-up call to the board, because this really hurts badly, and feels like a massive kick in the teeth. 

If this dubious story that was published in The Guardian on Saturday (30/06/01) has any element of truth in it, then surely this is the spur (pun intended) that we need to sign Shevchenko at ANY cost and make the rest of the football world realize that we really do mean business under our new management?

Player power, my f*****g Arse!

Yours seriously gutted, Kirk (Southend-On-Sea)


I have just suffered the trauma of seeing THAT press conference - how could he do it? Despite all the rumour and speculation, I still hoped against hope that I would be proved wrong - and that sanity would prevail. But no, the once great man has crapped on us from a great height - what a scumbag.

It made me feel sick to my stomach to watch a man we once worshipped, sitting there, next to that pervert, with Arsene's beady little eyes looking him up and  down.

Bad enough that he's deserted us just as things were looking up. But to go THERE - to reassure that piece of scum Vieira, and provide a bit of security for THEM - how could he do it!

And lets not forget that it was him who put us out of the FA Cup after that crazy tackle on Pikey Parlour - he was a Gooner even then.

I for one cannot find it in me to be grateful for what he claims to have achieved at Spurs - I hope he breaks both legs on the first day of the season. And I hope he gets the stick he deserves when the scum come to the Lane in November.



Does Sol not understand what he has done.  I know you think I am just a bigot Spurs fan, but think of the abuse he is going to get at the North London derby at White Hart Lane.  I respect his decision to leave the club for better things and to win things and I respect he wanted to stay in the premiership.  I think he maybe be moving for the wrong reasons.  Also I know he wants to stay in London, but I also think it is two fingers up at the board also.  This is just my view.
Matt Keeney

What a shit day yet again for Spurs fans.  The news of Campbell moving to Arsenal coincides with the news that Shevchenko has signed an extension to his contract with Milan.

Is someone taking the piss from a great height or what?

When you read a report in a paper like The Guardian concerning Spurs moving for a player like Shevchenko, I at least, give it some credence.  It's not a red top after all.  It's obvious though that this was a piece of journalism as crass and uninformed as anything the tabloids could invent.

If it was true I couldn't have given a shit about Campbell going to N5.  In fact I'd already imagined Shevchenko skinning him time and again in the next North London derby.  These two revelations coming within hours of each other make you wonder if we are forever cursed.

On top of everything else I'm now certain that Campbell's signing will persuade Vieira to stay put as well just to maximise the piss take.

Finally, I've just seen the press conference at Highbury with Campbell  sat next to Wenger smiling, with all the Arsenal and Nike logos behind him.  It was surreal, horrible.  He was our captain, our talisman, and he's smiling as he is being unveiled as an Arsenal player.  I said in an earlier email to you I thought he would join them but the reality of it is very, very hard to take, especially as I'd foolishly allowed myself to believe we were going to sign a genuine world class player as compensation.

Glenn, we need your magic right now as never before.

Jeff Horton



Martin, Sydney.

The move across North London to the scum stinks of revenge against Buchler and the Board & GG possibly too. If Sol was not motivated by money and so keen to stay in London and not move abroad why did he bother to speak to Liverpool, Inter Milan & Barcelona. Oy, numb skull they're not in London. 
GG showed that if you are driven by spite it will end in tears. Let's hope Sol enjoys plenty of pain and takes those scum bags along for the ride with him.
Treason comes to mind. I can't wait to get the Arse-Sol sticker on my car and the t-shirt to match.
Martin, Sydney Spurs

My views are 2 main things :

1) Guarantee what S*l will win at Woolwich Arsen*l is to be the most hated of their players in their sordid history...even more hated that Ian W*nk W*ank W*ank  and that IS saying something.

2) THFC management should learn a lot from this in that how much our top players are worth and how many £millions can be lost by not having players under contract. Our next player to be poached by a big club will be Steve Carr, so if (God forbid) he decides to take a leaf out of S*l's book, lets make sure he is under contract.

from Richard of N.17


There have never been a great number of Spurs to scum transfers but in my opinion there has only been one player who made it whilst maintaining personal respect, loyalty and affection from the fans and that was Pat Jennings.

I remember the first time Pat returned to The Lane wearing a scum shirt. The whole crowd stood and applauded him as he ran to his area. Will Arse-Sol receive the same treatment? Does he think that his part in one Worthington Cup win makes him comparable with the Spurs legends?

Pat was held in such esteem that he was able to make the move back to The Lane again later. I really dread to think what the reaction would be if Arse-Sol came back to Spurs at a later date.

Unfortunately, these days, money and the chance of a few European games means more than team loyalty. Arse-Sol's not the first, or the last, player to go pot hunting (Teddy?) but isn't that the point? With so much money now available when playing in Europe, Spurs need to qualify for the UEFA Cup or Champion's League to get money to buy world class players and to keep the ones that we bring through from the junior teams.

So when Arse-Sol and his scum-boys come to The Lane let's give him the reception that a lying traitor deserves but, apart from that, forget about him, it's happened and we can't change it. Let's get behind ENIC, Glenn Hoddle and the rest of the Spurs so that in four years time we will have a cabinet full of trophies and be playing in Europe every season while Scum have their "loyal" players jumping off their sinking ship. 

Tony Fletcher


Hiya ALL!! :-)
Being on holiday and a touch behind the news and avoiding anything to do with Wimbledon, cricket or the Lions.

I have just walked past a newspaper stall and seen that some naughty Spurs fans have given Mr. Campbell death threats??.......... This I'm sorry to say made the corners of my mouth turn up, with a chuckle that I couldn't keep silent... which turned into a LAUGH!! :-)))))))) (YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!YIDS!)

He must know the stick EX Spurs players get on their return!! He must know NOW!! he's going to get the worst treatment EVER!! I thought Teddy's reaction was bad but that I'm sure will be NOTHING to what Sol will get!!

Oh dear, oh dear!!  what has he done??.......

I can assure you I'm on holiday so those death threats haven't come from me??........ LOL!!

Any of you Spurs fans thought of any songs I should start learn?? :-)))))))

Laterz! All :-P

Who? Who? Who Let The Yids Out???


Well what a distrustful deceitful rat-bag our former club captain turns out to be, or is he just misunderstood? We don't have to go to far back in the less fashionable history of THFC to find staunch and loyal servants of the club being treated less than fairly by the management or the fans....its all part of the game. Since when did we really believe in such a thing as a loyal club player in any case. The glory of the Spurs is that we do get them, we have benefited over the years from some wonderful, whole hearted and talented players; Lineker, Perryman, Mabbutt, Beal and so on, but we have also seen the shameful treatment of Klinsmann, Ginola and Perryman and so on....... 

l was, like all fans shocked and hurt at Campbell's choice of club, l think he was badly advised to go there.  l do not think he will be well received and as to whether or not they have got the best of the deal is also open to debate. lf he was such an asset to us how come we only came up with the second best cup in the last three years, even though that is more than his new employers have won! 


l am less upset at his loss than l am at his choice, but if the players that are left can be motivated to prove him wrong there is enough talent there to do Glenn proud. 

Pride is what we have to play for now, pride in the quality of the future the squad can bring to the club, its a great one, with a belief in football, enjoy the game.

Shelf life
Geoff Westhenry

Has anyone else noticed that Campbell has been a walking (off the field) advertisement for Nike clothing for some while now. Is there more to this gutting transfer than at first appears? How much influence (monetary and other) have these corporate giants had in this saga.  Remember the influence they allegedly had over Ronaldo and Brazil in the 98 World Cup. So it was a choice between Barca-'Nike'-lona Inter-'Nike'-Milan or Arse-'Nike'-nal then.  Difficult choice for Sol, but was it his choice or, has he actually got no brain and become another corporate puppet?. Expect to see him advertising Nike on TV and in all the press very soon. 

Of course Bayern-'Adidas'-Munich were interested in him, but not for long; I wonder why ? Is this further proof of the influence that these corporate giants may have over the players and our game? Think about it and perhaps consider boycotting Nike now.  Certainly boycott them when the Arse visit WHL. Is this Nike's ultimate revenge on Adidas for projecting there image all over Highbury when they signed the deal with Spurs. Who knows, but there are to many coincidences in all of this.

Sol Campbell has let himself, the fans who have supported him and the game down and for what? What price loyalty? 

Steve Brown


I cried today.  I love football but I have always been able to recognise that it's just a game.  When I read a MEHSTG correspondent make reference to the way in which Sol sat smiling as Arsene unveiled him (like an evil character out of a Bond movie), I felt a tear in my eye,  I really did. 
It's like watching your wife shagging the next door neighbour who ran over your hedgehog.  
The last few weeks have surely proven that we are now dropping down the pecking order in London big time. 
The Arse are spending for fun.   Chelsea have bought Lampard and Petit (but are still wannabes)   
Every young star available is going to Fulham
Even Charlton are spending bigger (Euell).  
Thanks heavens for West Ham.  If it wasn't for them, we'd be just above Wimbledon!
I'm disillusioned, but can you imagine the determination this should rise in every THFC player and fan.  In November I will be popping out of my pants in anticipation of sticking one up the Arse!
The Dazzler 

What will really p**s me off about this, come the opening football phone-in of the season, is that some sycophantic ex-pro or journalist will start calling spurs fans hypocrites for abusing (I can't even bear to use his name anymore) whilst welcoming back Teddy with open arms.

The fact is that the only true loyalty in football comes from us, the fans - and when will these people realise that Hitler could line up in midfield with Pol-Pot and Sadaam (OK ! too far, but you know what I mean) and we would cheer them, because we support the TEAM, not individual players. 

 It's difficult to know what we want from this season more, us to have a fairly successful season or the SCUM from Highbury not winning a toss or qualifying for Europe!


From a SPURS fan who will always be there whoever pulls on that glorious white shirt!
Let us forget about Sol "I am Spurs " Campbell and get behind the players who are with us now. 

Would you have seen the likes of Perryman, Hoddle, Roberts, Mabbutt go to the "South London Rejects" ?  I do not think so.  All Campbell obviously cares about is 'numero uno' and mummy's apron strings. 

So come on all you Tottenham boys and girls, let's not dwell on it and get on with the future under Glenn Hoddle.  We already know that Sheringham and Poyet are quality and will help to bring along the likes of Davies, King and Doherty with their experience and although we do not know much about "Bunjy" yet, things are not too despondent and we must all stand together.  Unlike the days under George Graham.  So, let's forget 'wassisname' and the Filth down the road and get behind London's true number one club. 

keep the faith as the good times will be back.

picklefork (british queens finest)

I would like to add to the boycott Nike debate (se 5.7.2001 above).
I have in fact not worn that brand since they decided to waste money on the scum. The way their Arsie fans walked about saying we are Nike what a great brand made me sick. I have never worn that brand since and any real fan should do the same.
Les N17


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