big club - big problem

spurs seem to have had a problem beating the bigger clubs in the premier league since it started.
2011-12 has been no different and sandy loam looks at why.



2012 and what the f**k is going on ??

25 years of the Premier League and 25 years of not being able to beat the sides above us has left Spurs once more on the brink of blowing a promising situation.  Regardless of the furore around the manager taking the England job and it affecting the players, they are capable of going down to the top five clubs without any help.

It truly seems to be more of a mental problem and just when we thought we were over it, this season has turned that progress on it's head and seen Tottenham slip back into their old habits and left opposition teams laughing all the way to the points bank.

Back at the start of the season, Spurs were in turmoil with Luka Modric not having his head in the right place leading to him missing the Man U game and being there, but not really playing against Man City in two big defeats against the teams who are first and second at the time of writing.

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