the best black spurs player of all time


In October 2005, to tie in with the "Kick Racism out of Football" week, MEHSTG decided to hold a poll on the website to find out who fans thought the best black footballer to play for Tottenham Hotspur was.

While there was some debate about whether this was a good idea in terms of dealing with "racism", which some thought was not much of a problem these days.  While appreciating that we are not stuck in the bad old days of blatant racism in football grounds, there are still problems in some areas of the country and certainly abroad.

Many asked if MEHSTG was going to run a "Best White Spurs Player of all-time" and I was going to, but the reason for this poll was twofold.

One was to celebrate the contribution that black players made to THFC (and this is not denigrating the contribution from other players in the club's history) and also to stress that the campaign's slogan of last season that "Only the colour of the shirt matters."

We can see from the results that the outstanding contribution to THFC by a black player from your votes has come from Garth Crooks (although many stressed this was as a footballer and not an interviewer !!).

The range of players we received votes for show that the interpretation of "black" and also the era the player came from were quite varied.  Ledley is closing hard on Garth's shoulder (would have been even closer if we had run the poll for another week after his performance against the Gooners) and no doubt in time, Ledders will be a Spurs legend.  And this won't be an unusual thing as the club embraces the best of British and the best of Black British too.

The graph below shows the percentage of votes received for each player.



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