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The Boys From White Hart Lane
Spurs in the '80s: The Players' Stories
By Martin Cloake & Adam Powley

With Steve Perryman, Ossie Ardiles, Ricky Villa, Graham Roberts, Paul Miller, Garry Brooke, Tony Galvin, Peter Shreeve and more !!

Before the Premier League, Grand Slam Sundays, executive boxes and multi-millionaire reserves, Tottenham had The Boys From White Hart Lane - a tight-knit group of London lads laced with Latin creativity, Yorkshire grit and Scottish genius. Under manager Keith Burkinshaw the Spurs team of the late 1970s and 1980s fought their way back from relegation, one of the club's lowest points, to two FA Cup triumphs and European glory, in so doing cementing their place in Tottenham legend.

This is the story of that team in the players' own words - from the Wembley wins to marathon drinking sessions in Swaziland; from swapping stories with the fans over a post-match pint to swapping punches with team-mates on the training pitch.

Based on exclusive interviews with Steve Perryman, Osvaldo Ardiles, Ricky Villa, Graham Roberts, Paul Miller, Tony Galvin, Peter Shreeve and others, this is an intimate and revealing portrait of football before the hype, and of the team which put the glory back into Spurs.


"A cracking read. This is the real story of the greatest team I played in - and had the honour of captaining - and it's full of stories even I didn't know."
Steve Perryman

"A nostalgic trawl through the 1980s."
Daily Mirror

"A terrific book."
BBC Radio London


"The Boys From White Hart Lane" is a book that speaks to former Spurs players, who speak about the club from the heart.  Sometimes in frank language, but always with a love of the club which is what fans relate to.

Interviewing players who are stitched into the club's history - Steve Perryman, Ossie Ardiles, Graham Roberts, Paul Miller, Ricky Villa, Tony Galvin and Tony Parks - there are also interesting contributions from those who wore the Lilywhite shirt - Garry Brooke and George Mazzon - that give an insight into the club with an eye from a different perspective.

The players speak of a different time to the money and fast cars of today's footballers.  The 1970s and 1980s were a time when players lived for the game and their tales of team-mates and opponents add colour to the games many Tottenham fans will know of.  It is testament to the authors that the book has been edited to provide a highly readable recollection of the time.

Most interesting was the chapter by Peter Shreeve (mainly for the right spelling of his name).  His views of the club and the players who he had charge of are particularly engaging and the recollection of the death of Peter Southey - a talented young defender, who died of Leukaemia - is very touching, even after all these years.

Few books gets players to give as candid a view of the club as this book; perhaps the first since Hunter Davies' "The Glory Game."

So, it a valuable insight into the running of the club and the playing for the club, with those involved providing an entertaining account of the club during a particular period of it's history.

Marco van Hip

Paul Miller, Peter Shreeve, Steve Perryman, Tony Galvin and Garry Brooke at the launch of the new book "The Boys From White Hart Lane" by Adam Powley and Martin Cloake.


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