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Am I the only one who’s quite enjoying the current goal fest and total lack of predictability ?  Sacrilege I know and we ought to all be moaning and miserable, but I love Pleat’s emphasis on going forward, scoring more goals than the opposition and all the talk about us on the back pages again.  I loved watching his 1987 team, so unlucky not to have achieved more, and his then innovative Christmas tree formation with Clive Allen banging in goals fed by Waddle, Hoddle et al.  And this time round he’s at last taken us out of the sterile negative George Graham mentality that Glenn sadly couldn’t do in his time as manager.  Anyone moaning about the 28 goals they have seen in the past four games should compare them to the four consecutive goalless draws we had to endure under Graham in the name of progress.  If you’re struggling to remember them my point is made, you’re not going to forget this last few weeks are you ?

Tottenham’s traditional way is to look to score goals and hopefully more than the opposition.  Thank God.  I don’t want to watch us 1-0 up after 20 minutes and play possession football, time waste and bore the pants of us for the remaining 70.  Leave that to the lot up the road (OK they can play a bit now, but they still “kill” games 1-0 or 2-1 when their ability levels suggest they should be running up cricket scores).

Let’s get this in perspective. Professional football should be about entertainment. Otherwise what’s the point? It’s not life or death or arguably even important really. Of course I do care what happens, otherwise I wouldn’t have travelled the length and breadth of the country watching Tottenham, from European triumphs to relegation and I love it when Spurs are successful, but moaning about a 4-4 draw is a bit rich.  I enjoy going, it’s not a penance. What’s the point of going and being negative the whole time ?  There was so much, good and bad, to remember from this game and that’s the main thing.  I turned to a fellow supporter at the end of the Leicester match who had called out “rubbish” and enquired politely if he would rather have to watch goalless draws or even boring 1-0 wins each week to the 4-4s and 4-3s.  He said he would as it meant we would be more “professional” and sadly I don’t think he’s alone in that view. 

Please let’s all watch the game with a smile on our face.  Enjoy the whole thing – the developing drama, the goals, the great forward play, the mistakes, it all goes to make the experience. 

Didn’t someone once say “The game’s about glory”?

Alan Thatcher


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