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With the last few days of the transfer window, who do you think Tottenham need to buy ... if anyone ??


I'd like to think that with the transfer deadline approaching the board will back up their new found confidence in our manager by sanctioning some last minute deals to bring some balance to the squad that is still needed. If they want that Champions League place we are clearly not going to do it without some final tweaking. 

First off, that elusive left footer in midfield we have lacked since, well, Cliff Jones' retirement last century. Someone who can do a Tony Galvin for us i.e. run purposefully down the left with strength and cross a decent ball for our much vaunted strike force to get on the end of. Blackburn's Pedersen is the obvious target here if he can be persuaded to up sticks and head south. At this stage of the season he is probably a long shot but Matty Taylor (Portsmouth) is a Spurs fan and would love to join us. Either of them would double our threat down that side and give us the much needed width and options we've been lacking for so long. Bale did a fantastic job on last Sunday on his own - just think what two left footed players could do for us! 

Secondly, and before Everton nick him, get Bolton's Kevin Nolan in. I'm not saying he is the new Mackay or Roy Keane but how we need a no-nonsense battler in midfield to inspire some fight when the chips are down. Hard to believe that Sunderland would have nicked a win with him around in the season opener. He clearly misses Allardyce's influence and I can see him becoming Jol's much needed gruff voice on the pitch. Nolan would also enable the likes of Huddlestone and Jenas to play their natural attacking game and provide some much needed cover for the back four. It would work for Nolan as well - he'd be a regular in the England squad in next to no time as tends to happen when players move to more high profile clubs. 

We would obviously need to ship some out to accommodate these two: Murphy and Ghaly are clearly excess to requirements and, regretfully, so would Tainio be if Nolan arrived. Oh, and let's hang on to JD - we are going to need him ... 

With Dawson and Lennon due back soon we won't be down among the bottom feeders for long and should be nicely established in the top eight come Christmas and well placed to make our by now customary new year surge into the placings that matter.  

Whether we make the Champions League or UEFA Cup depends on quality not quantity: Pedersen/ Taylor and Nolan would give us a great shot at the former ; without them it's the latter option again, I'm afraid.

Peter Lis

This issue of Jol’s freedom of action in acquiring and selecting players, possibly even tactics seems to me to be a key one.  It begs the question – do Ferguson, Mourinho, Benitez and Wenger have to defer to another in the areas of running the team ? 

I can’t see it. 

Ferguson is far and away the most successful manager and he is clearly in charge.  (By the way what happened to our first “Sporting Director” that was poached by Chelsea?  We don’t seem to hear much of his activities?  - I can’t even remember his name now!) [Ed. - Arnesen, who is in charge of the kids at Chelsea as Jose didn't want him hanging around first team training and interfering.]


Owen Linard

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