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Planning on travelling to our FA Cup Third Round tie on Sunday 7th January  ??
Here's a few handy hints on how to get there and what you will find when you do ...

I am Cardiff I would avoid all the pubs in the centre on Sunday especially the Prince of Wales It will be rammed with our loonies from early doors  it's nearest to the station so be warned. 
Also avoid drinking in the Canton area as again it will be full of City loonies, they see Spurs as fair game and are a law unto themselves.

The bigger games at Ninian are very dodgy and if anyone is looking for it they will find it.

Have a safe and good day out.



Not a chance, unless you're coming from Manchester !



The trains run from Paddington to Cardiff Central and the times for that Sunday are :-


Outward journey: Sunday 7 January 2007
Option 1 2 3 4  
Depart 08:37 09:03 09:37 10:37  
Arrive 11:25 12:48 12:54 13:56  
Changes 0 1 0 0  
Duration 2:48 3:45 3:17 3:19  
Return journey: Sunday 7 January 2007
Option 1 2 3 4  
Depart 20:05 20:55 20:55  22:05  
Arrive 23:35 00:29 00:03 06:30  
Changes 1 0 2 1  
Duration 3:30 3:34 3:08 8:25  

The above information comes from and they should be consulted to check the latest information.

They will also provide the prices.
Cardiff Central Station is about one mile from Ninian Park. 
To get to the ground from the train station:-
- Turn left out of the station and walk towards Wood Street
- Cross bridge on left over River Taff into Tudor Street
- Continue straight ahead into Ninian Park Road
- Turn left under railway bridge on Leckwith Road
- Turn left at traffic lights into Sloper Road
- Ninian Park is on your left
If you're feeling lazy of course, there are loads of cabs outside the station, as well as buses.
A relatively easy journey straight on the M4!   
It will take you about 2-2 hours from Reading.
Route planners can be found at or
You will need some cash for the bridge at Bristol, as we charge people to come into Wales ! 
The cost from Jan 1st is 5.10 for cars. 
Prices for minibuses/coaches, together with all other details can be found at
You may wish to listen to traffic updates via the local radio station on 97.4 coming over the bridge and then 103.2. The station is called Red Dragon Radio (What else!!).
To get to the ground from the M4:-
- Turn off at M4 junction 33 - Cardiff West****
- Take the A4232 - head for Cardiff West/Barry, 3.5 miles
- Turn off for B4267 - City Centre, first left at roundabout
- Look out for car parking signs - you're nearly there now
- On foot, turn right at traffic lights into Sloper Road*
- Ninian Park is on your left
*Sloper Road will be closed to traffic on match-days for safety reasons
 ****  If you are travelling down the night before, because your going to make a weekend of it, you may decide to come off at Junction 29 and head straight for the city centre/bars/hotels/B+B's.( See below)
BEWARE the speed camera on the dual carriageway by the hospital.  You will come into a 50 mph zone and then shortly afterwards a 40 mph zone.  Straight after this there is a speed camera tucked behind a tree on your left ... It's always active on match days.
For details of Cardiff City FC go to
City Centre...
If you're making a weekend of it, there are a mass of bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. in the city centre.
On Saturday night the main street is closed to all traffic and there is a field hospital and mobile Police Station set up !  
The Cardiff lads drink in several pubs around the ground and just one in the city centre called The Borough, which is next door to Howells department store on St. Mary Street.  Best avoid that one then....
South Wales Police are very switched on when it comes to football, having been policing all the big games and are used to the antics of Cardiff City.  They won't take any messing around and if you want to make sure you see the game on the Sunday, behave !
If you're taking your kids or partners a better option might be to head for Cardiff Bay, as its slightly calmer.  The kids will love Techniquest ( and the Dr Who Exhibition during the daytime and there are cinemas, bowling, etc. there also.  Have a look at this
Something else worth seeing on the Saturday if you have time is the Millennium Stadium which is in the centre of Cardiff.  There are tours every hour and it may be worth checking this out prior to going to see the lads in the Carling Cup final later on in the year !!! (
Cardiff is also very good for shopping with loads of quaint arcades and good shops.  A guide can be found at

For general info on Cardiff go to



Well you know what they say, 'You get what you pay for' So would you like 5* comfort at The Hilton or camping ?

Cardiff has it all!

There are loads of sites about hotels etc. and this was quite good 

All the B+B's are situated on Cathedral Road, which is right next to the town and about 10 minutes walk to the ground. 

If you have any specific questions about Cardiff or just want some general advice on any weird and wonderful things you want to try when you come to Cardiff(!), drop me a line at and I will do my best to answer your questions.  Lastly, if anyone has a spare ticket for the Tottenham end, please give me first bags to stop me getting serious grief from the wife !

Enjoy yourselves - COYS!


Big thanks to STEVE WHITE


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