carling cup final 2009


With the final just a month away, what are your views on the final at Wembley against Manchester United ??

It is a long shot but being ITK, I have a funny feeling about our cup team this year.  Here it is:
1 Barry Daines - has beeen keeping himself trim
2 Terry Naylor - no longer in The Green Green Grass of Home
3 Gareth Bale - has to win one day (a phrase that is almost a homophone for Jaunde, I hope I'm not tempting fate but didn't he manage the last Spurs team to win a League Cup?  I thank you)
4 Gabby Yorath - the finest Welsh player to ever wear the no. 4 shirt for the Spurs
5 Graham 'Alf - I think you you just stole those pomegranates, let me nail you to the floor with my Hilti' Roberts
6 Osvaldo 'Lets invade Canvey Island' Ardiles
7 Sir Alan Sugar - let's see him Carlos Kickaball around for 90 mins + Man U time
8 Perm anyone from any Spurs player we have sold in the last year only for 'arry - St Trinian's - Redknapp - to buy back at a Credit Crunch knock down rate
9 Darren Bent - what?
10 Jamie Redknapp - still got it in 'im, inhe
11 Garth Crooks - yeh c'mon G, let's see you make YOUR Team Of The Week!
Final Score: Tottenham 3 (Bale 1, 2, 3) Man Utd 1 (Berbatov 90).
Love and Rockets

simon macdonald


With Defoe injured, Keane cup-tied and Campbell not allowed to play against his owners, then I am surprised that Tottenham didn't make a move to try and bring back Jimmy Greaves and Alan Gilzean.

Your team might be announced a bit too early, as it will give Ferguson a chance to prepare for the match ;o)

benny the ball

10.02 2009

With the forwards out as benny the ball said above, I don't suppose that Harry will start with one up front in the final will he ?

Playing for penalties from the start will be more heart-stopping than all those games we have gone through before and who will take penalties for the team now ?  In the final it is Hobson's choice, but in the league Defoe, Keane and Pavlyuchenko will all be fighting for the ball to go on the spot.

the funky phantom




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