Thanks to Tony Rowe the awful truth can finally be revealed.  Not only are there experiments being carried out to ape the features of a footballer who has certain athletic attributes, but more tests are being carried out on players from all over the globe at the Highbury Marble Halls of Horror.
Brought in from the tropical rain forests of Brazil, the natural habitat was of only cursory interest to the lab boys as they grafted long into the night to produce the ultimate in goal hangers.  The tree dwelling mammal that is known as the "Silivinho Marmoset" ...

Specialising in long range shooting, this possum like creature was a bit of an own goal when faced with his Boro'.

However, he is like putty in his creator's hands (certainly under the thumb) and likes nothing more than to watch.

The terrifying results of the scientists work continue unabated.

MEHSTG begs all of you who care about football to take a lead.

If not a lead, then a bag of peanuts.

But something must be done for these poor creatures.

They know not what they do.

So, spare a few moments to publicise their plight.

Let everyone know about the SAVE CHIMP campaign.

And always remember those much less fortunate than your own.   

So ...

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