crisis ... are the tottenham board getting karma ?


KARMA - the happiness of a beings present life is the result of the MORAL quality of the actions of the being in its previous life.

Lets look at Tottenham and the Tottenham board. 

Remember Bill Nick ?  Yeah, that bloke that won us the double and made the blue print for the modern team.  Well I was reading Joe Kinnear's autobiography ("Still Crazy") the other day and in it, he was saying when Bill Nick retired in the 70's, he suggested to the board two names to take over as manager.  The board's reply was basically "Piss off  ...  we pick the next manager not you," and Bill was shown the door.

Who did Spurs get ?  Terry Neill I think.  What a coup !  Soon he got fed up and a guy called Burkinshaw came along and we got relegated, but bounced straight back up ... just ... on goal difference, but then, within a few years, we became a good team.  In fact so good that we reached four Cup finals in four years, winning three and losing one to Liverpool.  We even won another European trophy.  Yeah, that's right another European trophy.  But wait, the board was not happy.  Burkinshaw wanted to pick the team and he wanted to buy the players - why ? - to keep Spurs up where they belong.  "Ooooh, no, no, no," said the board, "we can't have you having too much say in running this business ... I mean football club.  Who do you think you are ?"  Burky replied, "Well, I cannot operate like this I will have to resign,"  "OK," said the board, "Piss off then.  We know best."

And so 20 odd years of being in the wilderness began, give or take one FA Cup and one League Cup in 1991 and 1999.  We had Pleat, Venables, Shreeves, Francis, Hoddle, Ardiles, Gross ... they all failed.  Really, let's be honest, we were OK, but not a top four side.  Then a guy called Jol turned up.  Who ?  That bloke who played for WBA ?  Yeah that's him, lets give him a try.  Not bad - only managed to finish fifth two years running behind  Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal ... the so called elite, but that makes us the best of the rest don't it ?  So a bit more team building.  Buy some quality players instead of selling ours - who knows ?  "Ooooo, no, no, no," says the board. "I (levy) will try to get that Spanish guy from Seville; the one who's won loads of trophies cause we need to get in the Champions League right this minute, not in two three four years time.  No, right now, do you hear ?  All this money we are missing out on by not being in the Champions League. It's not good enough.  So Martin, thanks for your time mate ... but piss off will you."

Then there is us - me and you the fans, ... what do the board want from us ?  Yeah, that's right ,,, your hard earned cash, but can we meet the players after the match in the car park like the old days and feel like we all belong.  "Ooh no, as soon as the match has finished you fans can piss off.  You're causing a congestion and our executive box holders can't get out quick enough to have a drink." 

OK, so can we watch them train at Chigwell ?  "No, but you can stand like a vagrant at the top of the lane and a player might lean out his Bentley or Roller and sign a piece of paper for you, that's if it's not raining, because we don't want them to get their hair wet as they have a sponsor's photo shoot to do later in the day."

OK so how about a family day to meet the players like they used to when I was a kid.  "No. Not really, because the players are tired after clubbing and running up a bar bill all night and anyway you might sell their autograph on eBay and make yourself £3, which is the price of our match day programme by the way.  Do you want to buy one ?  It all helps the club you know."

Uumm maybe some other day then ?  As Burkinshaw said when he left, "There used to be a football club over there" and I, as a fan, feel the same now because of this board.  You don't care about me, because if I desert you someone else will sit in my seat. 

So Mr Levy, maybe you are now getting your Karma and the pressure is on you now to resign.  Two points from 24.  I don't feel sorry for you - the club - or the so called players - no not one ounce of sympathy.  But I do feel sorry for the fans - that's me and you - as they deserve better.  Much, much better.  So do us a favour Mr. Levy ... piss off ...

adam spurs through and through


and your comments on the article ...

I couldn't have put it better myself. 
Pass on my regards to the writer - top notch mate - why don't The Sun print THAT !

alan o'brien


Adam ... yeah, exactly !

I have been following the Lilywhites since a floodlit game against Villa in '62, when Danny and co demolished them 4-2, but you are right.   That's exactly what they did to those legends - and to us !

I'm not bothered in the same way any more, 'cos they priced me out of it long ago and I refuse to pay Murdoch-money etc.  Those players who now wear the shirt, ain't fit to !

But I am TOTTENHAM through and through and always will be !  I can't stop following each game on the on-line feed from the club site, even when we produce such dross that I'm ashamed - never more so than now.

I can't see how we're gonna get out of this one - even if Levy does take your advice !

I can't really believe it's happening to us - although THEY do deserve all they get.

Still, I have got a life now ...

... but still COYS

paul stephens

Just been on the excellent site as I do everyday and just wanted to express my total agreement with “Adams” piece on the current abysmal situation. Well done to him !! 

Keep the faith as Bruce says !? 

philip the spur


Totally agree with the article, as it sums up what has been the case for so long now.  Basically the club and the fans are poles apart when it comes to communication.

The players think they're 'pop stars' or 'film actors' and they behave as such without remembering what the late great 'Sir' Bill Nicholson used to tell his players before they ran onto the WHL pitch.  'Remember, you're here because they pay your wages with their hard earned brass, so it's your duty to entertain them !'

Well, someone should tell this lot we've got.  I've never seen such a shambolic Spurs team since we got relegated in the late Seventies.  At least we had players of craft and guile to get us back up again, but when you've got players with 'hair clips' and 'highlights', and a keeper who was caught crying on TV, it would make Mackay, Greaves and Jennings wet themselves with laughter !

Keep the faith ... we're gonna need it !

mark formerly known as 'paxton mark'

Oh, how I wish I was wrong. 
Oh, how I wish my Spurs had proved my prediction wrong.
Oh, how I hate to be right just for once.

Sell Spurs now; all should resign. 
Martin Jol is a gentleman and should still be there.
Ramos looks lost he is like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

Spurs will rise again.
From 40 years a Spurs fan.

lloyd walters



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