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The newspapers and magazines don’t always tell you the real story behind their headlines. Here at MEHSTG, we have no such fears and bring you the undisputed truth. (Well as close as we get to it). Send us your cuttings via e-mail and they will feature on this page.


Fans told
to follow faith, not football


The Roman Catholic Bishop
of Salford is to ask Catholic
supporters of Liverpool and
Manchester United to
choose faith over football.
The teams are due to play
at Old Trafford at 3pm on
Good Friday, the time when
churches commemorate
Christ's Passion with a
sacred liturgy. The Right
Reverend Terence Brain is
writing an open letter to the
teams' supporters' clubs.
The Roman Catholic Archb
-ishop of Liverpool, the Most
Reverend Patrick Kelly, has
written of his concern to the
chairman of Liverpool FC. A
Premiership spokesman said
the 3pm timing was chosen on
police advice

Not a bad
choice as far as
these two
clubs go, I
would have

Halle's lease
and play plan
staves off
cash crisis


THE Halle Orchestra,
struggling with a úl.1
million debt, has been
saved from immediate
bankruptcy by selling
"two pianos and a fiddle", it was announced yesterday. The Manchester
based symnphony
orchestra will be able

It appears
that Leeds’
Gunnar is on some sort of pay as you
play scheme
to save
some cash!!
The Times’
Oliver Holt
does a good
of Jose Domingues

A Gross
of the plot

I wonder if, were John
Gross an ordinary theatregoer and

Nice to
know that he
had it in the first place.
Which finger do you think Tel will
pull out to improve things at the Palace ??

I wonder how Eastender Dean
got on against the Liverpool
front man ??

(Former Spur, Ian Hendon’s
comments in MoTD magazine)

Yeah, we really miss you too, Ian

  Gareth in record deal
Ex-Spur takes up his pen and all for under 28 (pounds that is).   So, gone are the days when people said Spurs lack bottle ??
It seems Le Tiss’s comments could easily earn him a deal at White Hart Lane !!!   Re-casting E.T. is he then ??
I’ve seen some crappy goals in my time, but this takes some beating (with a big stick).   Don’t tell Hans and Nicola that !!
The game’s over mate. 
Methinks Patrick Clancy needs some help !!
  Jurgen obviously needs the rest because for sure, those children who grow up so fast !!

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