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When I first saw the strip I thought it was for our pre season games only.  I was flabbergasted to learn that this is our official home strip for the entire season.  
Blue sleeves?  The only rational reason I can think of is that all the teams in the premiership have white as an away strip.
Why is it we continually shoot ourselves in the foot ?  Every time we look like we are making a decent step forward, somewhere someone in the club seems hell bent on pulling us down.  
Does Edgar Davids know of our home strip disaster ?  
Why is the club toothless in such an affair ?
Fellow Tottenham supporters make a stand.  Wear only a true Tottenham shirt to the game.
Amos Hermens

Hi what do MEHSTG think of the new home kit ? 

I, like most people, started supporting Spurs because of the history, flair and style that the team have.  The team playing in all white shirts at White Hart Lane is a big part of the tradition. 

The new kit with the navy sleeves and side stripes look cheap and tacky and like a Spurs version of Arsenal's kit.



Having seen the new kits in Spurs Monthly, I must say how disappointed I am in the designs.

They show a great deal of lack of imagination and the overall look is of cheap Sunday league club kits in the second strip's case.

In view of the status of the club, one would have thought that the club's input would have been paramount and that the wishy-washy blue in the second kit has no place on a Spurs shirt and that the third kit is as anonymous as it's designer will no doubt remain.

Roll on our new kit supplier if this is the best that Kappa can give us.

Trevor Sparrow


What the hell is going on with the new kit ?  I know it's Kappa's last year with the club, but did they have to treat it like a "sour grapes" going away present.

The home kit resembles something like a cheap chain store T-shirt and the second kit makes us look like Wimbledon wannabes.  The third looks like it has run in the wash before it even got near a washing machine.

I hadn't objected to the style of kits that Kappa had produced up until now, but these are the worst bunch of designs they have come up with and they might have just sealed the deal for adidas or Umbro or Le Coq Sportif.  Anyone who can produce a style of shirt that takes account of history and what the fans want.  I would hesitate to say that if any "fans" were involved in the production of this range, that they should also be exiting stage left.

 Spikey Mikey


I was wondering what the reaction to the new kit is ?

I think it is dreadful.  The worst home kit ever.

In a season when ever Arsenal have ditched their traditional different sleeves kit, Spurs then adopt it !!!  We should never wear Arsenal style kit, home or away, but at home, it is sacrilege not to wear plain white.

Among our nick names is the Lilywhites, not the nearly lilywhites with navy blue sleeves.

I would have expected to see a more hostile reception than it has received, and I am disappointed by that. Some things should stand paramount. Real Madrid always where white shirts, and so should Spurs.

The only pleasing thing about the shirt is it is for only one season, but that is one year too long.

Ian, Laindon, Essex


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