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While many players and managers associated with Spurs have gone on to represent their country,
only a few have captained the national side.  Here are the men who have done that (* = while with the club).

Gary Lineker* 18 matches
Vivian Woodward * 14 matches
Gerry Francis 8 matches
Harry Kane* 4 matches
Martin Peters* 4 matches
Arthur Grimsdell* 3 matches
Sol Campbell* 3 matches
Alf Ramsey* 3 matches
Ray Clemence 1 match
Alan Mullery* 1 match
Scott Parker* 1 match
Eric Dier* 1 match



Some Spurs players have gone hit the target for their country and here is a list of those men
(Note: not all goals scored while with Tottenham)

Gary Lineker 48 goals
Jimmy Greaves 44 goals
Vivian Woodward 29 goals
Martin Peters 20 goals
Jermaine Defoe 17 goals
Bobby Smith 13 goals
Martin Chivers 13 goals
Teddy Sheringham 11 goals
Paul Gascoigne 10 goals
George Hall 9 goals
Glenn Hoddle 8 goals
Darren Anderton 7 goals
Chris Waddle 6 goals
Eddie Baily 5 goals
Frank Osborne 3 goals
Alf Ramsey 3 goals
Johnny Brooks 2 goals
Jimmy Seed 1 goal
George Hunt 1 goal
Bill Nicholson 1 goal
Les Medley 1 goal
Alan Mullery 1 goal
Gary Mabbutt 1 goal
Jermaine Jenas 1 goal
Steven Caulker 1 goal



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