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2008 - 2009       defender

Born on 21st July 1989 in Newport, Wales.

Height : -  1.82m  (' ")

Weight : -   73.6 kg    (st lbs)

His impressive performances mad an impact on the Cardiff City fans and on the Welsh manager John Toshack, as Chris Gunter made his international debut as a 17 year old - the youngest player to win a Welsh cap.

Began life studying at Durhams Road School, then St. Julians High School in Cardiff, where he achieved a BTec in Sports studies.  A keen supporter of the Bluebirds, he regularly attended home and away matches.

Gunter worked his way up through the ranks at Cardiff City, after singing for the club at the age of eight.  His talent came to the attention of the national coaches, being called up to the Under-15 development squad for four games in 2003-04.  Played in the Under-16 Victory shield tournament, before moving up to the next age group in 2005-06, where he played 11 times.

His progression to the Under-19 side followed, while still a young player in the squad and he was only 16 years and 299 days when he played his first Under-21 game against Cyprus.

Being drafted into the Bluebirds side at the age of 17, he showed his athleticism and adventure, despite his tender years.  He played in nine league games and came on six times as a substitute during the remainder of the 2006-7 season and in March 2007, the young defender won the Football League's Apprentice of the Year award.

Chris found himself out of the Cardiff team at the start of the 2007-08 season, but still managed to gain a place in the starting line-up for his country in Wales' draws against the Republic of Ireland and Germany.  This helped restore him to the club side and his showings at left or more often at right back drew the attention of Everton, but Spurs stole in for the talented youngster and agreed a deal with the Welsh club on 24th December 2007 for Gunter to join Tottenham in the January transfer window.

Made an early debut, as he was thrown into a Third Round FA Cup replay against Reading at the Madjeski stadium and performed well in the 1-0 victory.  Played a few more games before spending a large chink of the end of season 2008-09 on loan at Nottingham Forest, before surprisingly making the move permanent in the summer, after Harry Redknapp had said Spurs had high hopes for the Welsh defender.



Career Record
Club Signed Fee Debut Apps Goals
Cardiff City (professional) 1st August 2006 - 22.08.2006  v Barnet (League Cup)
18.11.2006 v QPR (Championship) (Home) lost 0-1
23 (10) 0
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1st January 2008 3,000,000 (conditional) 15th January 2008  v Reading (away) (FA Cup)  won 2-0 ?? ??
Nottingham Forest 12th March 2009 - Loan 12th March 2009 v Burnley (Championship) (away) lost 0-5 ?? ??
Nottingham Forest 20th July 2009 1,650,000 8th August 2009 v Reading (Championship) (away) drew 0-0 ?? ??
- ?? ?? ??  ?? ??

Career Record
Cardiff City
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
Nottingham Forest (loan)

- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
Other appearances; goals
Nottingham Forest

- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
Other appearances; goals
- -
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals

Welsh international
3 full caps;  0 goals
Debut : -  v New Zealand   26th May 2007 (Wrexham) (Second youngest debutant for Wales aged 17 years and 309 days)
4 Under-21 caps; 0 goals
3 Under-19 caps; 0 goals
11 Under-17 caps; 2 goals

- appearance


Do you enjoy travelling ?  Yes.  I like going to different places, but not the actual travelling part.
Favourite country visited ?  Mexico.
Favourite holiday destination ?  We always used to go to Spain when I was younger, Tenerife and last year to Mexico with my friends.
Favourite journey ?  Travelling home to Wales, to Newport. 
Longest ever walk :  That would be from the railway station to home in Newport when I couldn't get a lift home from training when I'd just started my scholarship at Cardiff City.  To be fair, it is probably not that far, but it seemed a long way after a day's training.
Favourite car :  The one I've got now, my BMW X5.
Do you read on the move ?  I always try to grab a newspaper and occassionally a magazine, but I don't really go for reading books.
Favourite magazine/reading ?  I'll read any newspaper and I enjoy magazines like FourFourTwo and Stuff as well.
Do you play music or prefer TV/radio ?  I'm always listening to music on my iPod.
How many CDs have you got ?  I download most music now, but I've got a few CDs.  I get them for my car.  Most of them are back home.  I must have 200 odd.
Favourite CD ?  :  Both Arctic Monkeys albums.
Favourite all time track ? :  I honestly couldn't pin it down to one single track.
Most embarrassing CD in your collection ? :  I suppose that depends on what you think is embarrassing !  I;ve got Britney Spears on there maybe that would be to some people, but I like a few of her tracks.  'Gimme More' was a big tune at the time.
What was the last DVD you watched on the coach ? :  I never watch DVDs on the coach.
Most interesting all-time flight companion ?  :  I'd go for a footballing legend, perhaps someone like George Best.  That would be fascinating.
Whose dance moves did you copy as a child ? :  I create my own dance moves.
Whose poster did you have on your bedroom wall ? :  When I was a bit younger, it was Mariah Carey.
First footballing memory ? :  I remember my first training session for my local team back home called Durham Colts.  I was five or six.  I remember being excited about pulling on a pair of boots and able to go on a pitch with them.
Who was the best player among your mates ? : No-one really.
Favourite trick practised ? :  There was always the trick where you balance the ball on the back of your neck.
Other sports played at school ? :  Not too much at school, but outside of school I enjoyed snooker and tennis.  I loved snooker and was quite good when I was younger.
What talent would you like ? :  I'd like to be a really good cook or to play the guitar.
Had you ever been to White Hart Lane before you signed ?  Yes, for the FA Cup replay between Cardiff and Spurs.
Childhood ambition ? :  To be a footballer.
What makes a house a home ?  :  It's obvious but when you get your own belongings in there makes it a home, the personal touch.   
What would you save if the house was on fire ? :  -  The phone then I could call the Fire Brigade.
Prize possession :  My first full Wales cap.
Couldn't live without ?  My phone especially living away from home, it's good to keep in touch with family and friends.
Do you refer living in the town or country ?  :  I prefer the town, but maybe in the future I would like to experience the country.
Do you have a pet ? :  Not here, but there is a family dog back home in Newport, a golden Labrador called Paddy.
What are you most proud of ?  :  It would have to be football and making my debut for Wales so young.
What do you think should never have been invented ?  :  Speed cameras.  Not the permanent ones, but when they sit there with a speed gun.
Do you collect anything ?  You could say I collect tunes on my iPod.


What they said about Chris Gunter
David Jones ... Cardiff City manager  18.11.2006 ... on the player's Cardiff City debut (BBC).

"I was pleased for him, we're going to see a lot more from his play and he has a big future at this club.

Chris did the right things, let nobody down, and will only get stronger.

When he settles in he will get forward more - we didn't see much of that against QPR, but he made good runs and tackles, and did the simple things well."

David Jones ... Cardiff City manager  24.12.2007 ... on the player's move to Tottenham (BBC).

"We could have offered the boy three times the amount that Tottenham are going to offer him but he wouldn't have stayed.  He has now moved on to a completely different level."

David Jones ... Cardiff City manager  24.12.2007 ... on the player's move to Tottenham (Sky Sports News).

"He's very athletic, he's got great pace and can pick out a pass. He will get stronger and stronger. 

He's still not fully developed and I think Tottenham know they've bought somebody who they're going to have to nature along, just like we were trying to do here.

Maybe they will have to be a little bit patient with him, because he is still learning his trade. 

I feel they've bought another good prospect like Gareth Bale - he's just as good and capable on the right-hand side."

? ...  .. ()




Season League FA Cup League Cup UEFA Cup
2006-2007 (Cardiff City) 15; 0 goals - 1; 0 goals -
2007-2008 (Cardiff City) 13; 0 goals - 4; 0 goals -
2007-2008 (THFC) - - - -
- - - - -

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