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2008 - 2012       midfielder



Born on 9th September 1985 in Zadar, Croatia.

Height : - 1.72m  (' ")

Weight : -  65 kgs   (st lbs)

Although having a slight build, Luka Modric has shown that he has been able to develop into a creative midfielder when surrounded by bigger opponents.  His reputation before Tottenham signed him had built to a point where his performances in Euro 2008 enhanced his standing in the game.

Nippy and good dribbling the ball, Luka has the ability to open up opposing defences and can finish as well as create opportunities for others.  .

His appreciation of the work of Juande Ramos was a big factor in him joining Tottenham ahead of other English sides who were chasing him, such as Newcastle United, Chelsea and Manchester City.  Luka was looking forward to playing in the pacy game featured in the Premier League and his ability on the ball and from free-kicks should produce plenty of openings for whoever plays ahead of him in the team.

While his style was integral to Juande Ramos' play, the team did not function properly around him and it was only when Harry Redknapp came in as manager in October 2008 that Modric flowered and began to exert the influence on the team's play that was hoped for when he was bought from Dinamo Zagreb.

His strength on the ball had dispelled the view that Arsene Wenger held before his transfer to Spurs, that he would wilt in the physical midfields of the Premier League, but he did suffer a broken leg against Birmingham City in 2010 and other injuries that kept him out.  These were mainly a result of his ability forcing fouls on him to allow him to be stopped.

Reminiscent of Ossie Ardiles at his best, Modric proved to be a hard-working, scheming midfielder, who assisted many goals, although his own scoring rate was not what it should have been.

At the end of the 2010-11 season, Chelsea's interest in the player was not matched by their offers for the Croatian, with Spurs pricing him at 40 million.  Manchester United and Real Madrid were also said to be interested, but not at that price.

Modric's attitude to the failure of a transfer, with Spurs having to settle for Europa League action, did not help the cause.  As his attention was not on the start of the season, he did not play in a 0-3 loss at Old Trafford and while he was chosen for the 1-5 home defeat by Manchester City, his part in the game was peripheral at the most.  After that, he settled down to play more of a role in the team's good runs, but he was also there when the side went through a bad patch in the March and April of 2012, which meant Spurs missing out on third place and ending up forth, but back in the Europa League because of a Champions League win for Chelsea, who finished outside the top four.

Once more, Modric played for a move by returning late from Euro 2012 duty and missing the plane to America for the pre-season tour.  Made to train with the youth team, new Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas said that the player wanted to leave and Daniel Levy alone was arranging any deal that may take place.  Rumours about a "gentleman's agreement" with Modric, that if Real came back in for him, then Modric could leave were bandied about, but the Spurs chairman said that if the asking price was met, then he could leave.

Eventually, on 27th August 2012, Real Madrid signed Modric on a five year deal, paying nearly 30 million for him and agreeing to a partnership arrangement with Spurs to share players, coaches and commercial knowledge.  Went through a tough first season, but adapted to the Spanish game well, winning the Spanish Cup and the Champions League in his second season

NICKNAME :  The Magician


Career Record
Club Signed Fee Debut Apps Goals
NK Zadar (Croatia) ?? ?? ??  ?? ??
Zrinjski Mostar (Bosnia) 2003 Loan 2003  ?? ??
Inter Zepresic (Croatia) July 2004 Loan 2004  ?? ??
Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) May 2008 ?? ??  ?? ??
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR July 2008 16,500,000 16th August 2008 v Middlesbrough (Premier League) (away)  lost 1-2 ?? ??
Real Madrid (Spain) 27th August 2012 30,000,000 29th August 2012 v Barcelona (Spanish Super Cup Second leg) (home)  won ?? ??
- ?? ?? ??  ?? ??

Career Record
NK Zadar (Croatia)
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
Zrinjski Mostar (Bosnia) (loan)
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
Inter Zepresic (Croatia)  (loan)
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
Real Madrid (Spain)

- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
- -
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals

Croatia international
31 full caps;  ?? goals (at 21.09.2008)
15 Under-21 caps; goals
7 Under-18 caps; goals
2 Under-17 caps; goals
2 Under-16 caps; goals
Croatian League Championship winners medal 2005-2006; 2006-2007; 2007-2008  (Dinamo Zagreb)
Croatian Cup winners medal 2006-2007; 2007-2008  (Dinamo Zagreb)
Croatian Super Cup winners medal 2005-2006  (Dinamo Zagreb)
Bosnian League Player of the Year 2003  (Zrinjski Mostar)
Croatian Football Hope of the Year 2004  (Inter Zepresic)
Croatian League Player of the Year 2007  (Dinamo Zagreb)

Named in the 2008 European Championship team of the tournament.
Spanish FA Cup winners medal 2013-2014  (Real Madrid)
Champions League winners medal 2013 -2014  (Real Madrid)

100th Spurs appearance  v Charlton Athletic (FA Cup) (Home)  09.01.2011


Australian international Mark Viduka who has played for Leeds United, Middlesbrough and Newcastle United is Luka's second cousin.
2009 (THFC programme)
Do you enjoy travelling ?  Yes, but most of my travelling has been as part of a football team
Favourite country visited : -   USA, especially Chicago
Favourite holiday place : -  Zadar in Croatia, which is my home town
Favourite car : -  BMW X5 I own now
Favourite magazine : -  Nogomet - a Croatian magazine meaning football
Do you listen to music or watch TV on the move ? : -  In my car I listen to music and on the coach watch some TV
How many CDs have you got ? : -  A couple of hundred.  Most of my music is on my iPod
Favourite bands : -  Croatian singers Oliver Dragojevic and Toni Cetinski
Favourite track : - Too many to choose from
Last DVD watched : -  "Awake" about a man who is put out for an operation, but the anaesthetic doesn't work and he is awake during the whole procedure.
Which dance moves did you practice as a boy ? : - Michael Jackson
Whose poster was on your bedroom wall ?  : -  Zvonimir Boban
First footballing memory ?  : -  Playing for a local team at the age of seven
Who was the best player in your first team ? : -  Mario Grgurvevic, now playing for Inter Zapresic
What trick did you practice ? : -  Step-over
Other sports played at school : -  Basketball, Handball (I was a goalkeeper)
What makes a house a home ?  Walking in through the front door and feeling comfortable, with your possessions and family there.
What would you save if your house was on fire ? : -  After family, my Croatian Footballer of the Year award
What talent would you like to have ? : - To sing well and dance better
Do you prefer town or country ? : -  In the town, although I am currently living in the country and it is good.
Childhood ambition : -  To play football for big clubs and my country.
Most prized possession  : -  Cross and chain given to me by my parents when I was 18
Most proud of ? : - Becoming a professional footballer and playing for my country
Ideal plane companion of all-time ? : -  Michael Jordan
Luka Modric completed 2215 successful passes in the 2011-12 Premier League season - more than any other player


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What Luka Modric said about ...
about joining Spurs ...  11.05.2008 (THFC programme)

"I am very lucky and proud to be here in London at Tottenham.  I am also happy that the coach Juande Ramos wanted me.  I want to show that I have the quality for Tottenham and the English Premier League and help the club achieve big things"

on how he will settle into the Premier League ...  10.08.2008 (THFC programme)

"I joined Zrinjski Mostar when I was only 17.  The games were very tough, especially when you played away but it was rough and the referees did not spare you there.  That's why I am not afraid of the game here in England. 

I've been well received by the lads and I have spent a lot of time with Gomes and Giovani because we are all in the same hotel.  It would be very boring without those two.  I'd probably go out of my mind sitting in a hotel on my own.  We spend time together after training, perhaps have a quiet drink together, but spend most of our time talking before all disappearing to our rooms."

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