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2008           goalkeeper

Born on -th - 19- in , -land.

Height : - .m  (' ")

Weight : -  - kgs    (st lbs)




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TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR ?? ?? ??  ?? ??
- ?? ?? ??  ?? ??
- ?? ?? ??  ?? ??

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Do you enjoy travel ?  Yes I do.  I have many friends in many countries.  I especially like to visit countries I haven't been to before.

Your favourite country :  Spain, but I do like England and especially London.  People speak about the big cities in the world, but London was a surprise, a lovely city.  I like a lot of things about the English culture and enjoy it more now that I'm living here.

Favourite holiday destination :  For my wife and I, it would be a dream to visit Australia and Argentina.

What do you always bring home with you ?  I always try to bring something back as a memory of where I have been – quite often a hat or piece of headgear.  I brought back a fur hat from Russia and while waiting at Heathrow on one trip, I bought a policeman's helmet.

Favourite Journey :  I have good memories from a trip to New York on holiday there.  I was there with my wife and a friend, just before 9/11 and we were crying in our hearts when we were at home watching it, as we had been there a couple of months before.

Longest ever walk : 

Favourite car :  I don't really go in for cars, but like ones which are safe for my kids, as that's what is important for me.  I have special memories of one of my first cars when I was younger - a cherry red Opel Corsa. 

Do you read on the move ?  :  Yes, I enjoy reading and at the moment I am reading more and more English books because it helps me learn the language quicker.  I also watch a lot of English TV.

Do you like music on the move or prefer radio/tv ?  : I am a big fan of music, especially English music.  I like groups like U2, the Cranberries, Coldplay, Keane, etc.  I am a very big fan of the Beatles, they are a very important band in my life.

How many CDs have you got ? :  I don't have that many now because all of my music is on my iPod.  I do still have a lot of Beatles music on vinyl.

What would your Desert Island track be ? :    My best two would be “Let It Be” and “Imagine”.  At the moment one track I play more than any other is “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay.  When I return to Spain, it will be the one song that reminds me of England.

What was the last DVD you watched ? :  I don't really watch many films.

Most interesting all-time flight companion ?  :  The only people I want to be sitting next are my wife, my children and my mother.  They would be more interesting to me than anyone else. 

Whose dance moves did you copy as a child ? :  It was always Leroy Johnson from “Fame.”

Whose poster did you have on your bedroom wall ? :  I didn't have any, as in Coria where I lived, we did not have TV coverage and so didn't have heroes.

First footballing memory ? :  Probably the first time I played in goal when I was about 10.  It was five-a-side and because I was taller than the other boys, the coach put me in goal.

Who was the best player among your mates ? :  Luisma, a friend of mine, was always the best when we played in the village.  He was a striker and did go on to play in Segunda B (the equivalent of the third division)

Favourite trick practised ? :  .

Other sports played at school ? :  Basketball and tennis.  I really enjoyed tennis and still try and play as much as I can in the summer.  I also play golf now.

What talent would you like ? :  I'd like to play better golf and tennis.

Had you ever been to White Hart Lane before you signed ?  No, never.  But I'm so impressed with the stadium and especially the supporters.  It's incredible for me to see how the people get behind the team.  I tell my friends back in Spain that they must come to England to watch a game, not just for the football, but for the fans.  In Spain the supporters are also passionate, but it is different, it's not like that at every club, but here it is.  Supporters here enjoy their football and like to see great goals, but they also appreciate things like a good pass, a strong tackle and a team's effort and commitment. 

Childhood ambition ? :  I could never have imagined I would be a footballer.  I can't remember what I wanted to be so maybe an engineer or something like that.

What makes a house a home ?  :  I enjoy having my children at home, playing with them, building things, reading to them.  When everyone in the family is comfortable, that's the most important thing at home. 

If the house was on fire, what would you save ?  As long as everyone was safe, there is nothing else I would save.  I could go through life without possessions,  I only need people.

Prize possession :  The small replica  of the Champions League trophy that I picked up when we won the competition with Real Madrid.  But the most important things to me are the memories of my life, in my mind.

Do you refer living in the town or country ?  :  It's a mixture I suppose.  It's incredible to be able to go into central London and enjoy the busy lifestyle, but it's also important to be able to relax in the peace and quiet.  Maybe it's best to live in the city in the winter and in the country in the summer.

Do you have a pet ? :  Not now, I have three children and that's enough.  When I was younger, I had a dog called Yako. 

What are you most proud of ?  :  Without question, my children.  I know I'm a lucky man because I was born in a small town and have made a good career in football, but I am more proud of the people around me than what I have achieved myself.

Do you collect anything ?  Not really.  I used to collect golf balls from the course I played, but I am not organised enough to do that now.



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