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1996-2000        defender


Born on 4th July 1966 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.

Height : - .m  (6' 2")

Weight : -  - kgs    (13st 5lbs)

His early career almost didn't get off the ground, but John Scales' determination saw him play for nearly 20 years, although that time was plagued by injury.

He did not make it at local club Leeds United, having to move down to the West Country with Bristol Rovers to make the first team.  His performances brought him to the attention of Wimbledon, who had recently joined the old First Division and his dominating performances alongside Eric Young won them many good reviews.  His  first medal came in the giant-killing of Liverpool in the 1988 FA Cup Final with the Dons winning 1-0, although his appearance in the final was an odd one for him, as a substitute playing up front !!

This obviously lived in the memory of those at Anfield, as they signed the centre-half for 3.5 million in 1994.  He was played in a three man central defensive formation with Neil Ruddock and Phil Babb, where his heading and pace were shown off to their best.  In his first season with the Reds, he won a League Cup winners medal in the 2-1 victory over Bolton Wanderers.

Having had three good years at Liverpool, his appearances became limited by niggling injuries and he was suddenly sold to Spurs, despite being a favourite among the Liverpool fans.

After coming to Tottenham in 1996, Scales failed to make himself a regular in the team because of a string of injuries that have disrupted his career.  There was talk in 1997-98 of West Ham being interested in buying him, but Scales seemed set on proving his worth at Tottenham.  He could fit quite well into the centre of defence, but his lack of speed off the mark hampered him in this role.  He has played at full-back before and there is some flexibility in his experiences there, but he may need to lose his "nicest man on Earth" tag to become a bit more ruthless in his play.

What John really needed was a decent run in the side to see if he could have added something to the team. 1998/99 was a continuation of the rest of his Spurs career with injury further preventing him appearing in the first team.  Yet another injury ravaged season in 1999-2000 for John Scales, who when he did play early on looked sound, but was caught out for the goal at Watford and he looked set to depart in the close season, but shortly after a free move to Ipswich Town in summer 2000, he had to retire because of injury.

Well spoken and good looking, Scales took on jobs as a model and football pundit on leaving the game, but settled into a role providing football kits for school children.

NICKNAME :  Scalesy; Bond


Career Record
Club Signed Fee Debut Apps Goals
Leeds United 1st August 1984 ?? ??  ?? ??
Bristol Rovers 11th July 1985 Free ?? 80 + 4 as a sub 0
Wimbledon 16th July 1987 70,000 ??  280 + 8 as a sub 15
Liverpool 2nd September 1994 3,500,000 ??  93 + 1 as a sub 4
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 11th December 1996 2,600,000 21st December 1996 v Sheffield Wednesday (Premier League) (home)  Drew 1-1  33 + 4 as a sub 1
Ipswich Town Summer 2002 Free ??  2 0

Career Record

- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
- Other appearances; goals
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
European appearances; goals
29 + 4 as a sub League appearances; 0 goals
0 FA Cup appearances; 0 goals
4 League Cup appearances; 1 goal
?? Other appearances; ?? goals
Ipswich Town
- League appearances; goals
- FA Cup appearances; goals
- League Cup appearances; goals
- Other appearances; goals


England international
3 full caps;  0 goals

Debut v Japan, 3 June 1995 aged 28 years, 334 days
Last Cap v Brazil, 11 June 1995 aged 28 years, 342 days
Under-21 caps; goals
FA Cup winners medal 1987-88 (Wimbledon)
League Cup winners medal 1994-95 (Liverpool)

- appearance


What they said about John Scales
Leeds United manager George Graham ... on missing out on signing the player ...  09.12.1996 (BBC)

"The boy has made his choice and that is the end of the matter. We only want players who want to play for the club."

Eric Hall (Scales' agent) ... on moving to Tottenham instead of Leeds United 09.12.1996 (BBC)

"I think if I'm totally honest ... he wanted to move back to London. Liverpool didn't want him so he had to make the decision. I believe he made this decision because the club was in London."

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What John Scales said about ...
what might have been his debut at Leeds United after signing for Spurs ... instead of Leeds ...  09.12.1996 (BBC)

"It could be a tricky weekend but I am prepared for that.  It was a very difficult situation. I had my medical at Leeds and they wanted to know. But I always said I would make my decision over the weekend.  Coming home on the train last night I made my mind up to join Tottenham and I felt happy with that.  I am looking forward to training with Tottenham. I have been out for a few weeks because of the injury, so I am looking for a good week's work."

a bet with a team-mate ... 1993

"For a bet I once ate three Mexican chillies. I thought I was really smart after I'd eaten them and then about 30 seconds later I came out in a serious sweat and a horrible rash. But I won the bet and took the money."

his time at White Hart Lane ...  19.08.2000 (THFC programme)

"Spurs paid an awful lot of money for me and I was on a good wage there, but unfortunately, they got a minimal return on their investment.  I had a calf injury, which was ongoing for about three years and at one stage I began to consider whether it was worth carrying on.  But I still felt I could perform at the highest level."

leaving Liverpool ...  10.11.1998 (Liverpool programme)

"In all honesty I never wanted to leave the club (Liverpool), but they got a very good offer from Leeds and when Spurs showed their interest, it was a choice between the two. I have always loved London and after talking to the two clubs, Gerry Francis, who I knew from my early days at Bristol Rovers, persuaded me to go to White Hart Lane."

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Season League FA Cup League Cup UEFA Cup
1992-1993(Wimbledon) 32 (1 goal) - - -
1993-1994(Wimbledon) 37 (0 goals) - - -
1994-1995 (Wimbledon) 3 (0 goals) - - -
1994-1995 (Liverpool) 35 (2 goals) - - -
1995-1996 (Liverpool) 27 (0 goals) - - -
1996-1997 (Liverpool) 3 (0 goals) - - -
1996-1997 (THFC) 10 + 2 as a sub (0 goals) - - -
1997-1998 (THFC) 9 + 1 as a sub (0 goals) - - -
1998-1999 (THFC) 7 (0 goals)  - - -
1999-2000 (THFC) 3 + 1 as a sub (0 goals) - - -
2000-2001 (Ipswich Town) 2 (0 goals)  - - -


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