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Born on 24th March 1947 in Hackney, London, England.

Height : - .m

Weight : -  - kgs

An East End boy, Sugar is a self made multi-millionaire who started buying and selling electrical items out of the back of a van when he left school at 16 and became the man who "saved Tottenham Hotspur".

Started his Amstrad company in 1968 and it earned a reputation for low price innovative products, but some people claimed they were not the most technologically advanced.

Had his own business-style reality show on BBC TV called "The Apprentice" in which contestants battled to be the person he took on to work for his company.

Was the =84th Richest man in Britain in 2007 with an estimated wealth of 830 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List.  By 2010, he had dropped to =85th with 730 million to his name and to 89th in 2011 with 800 million.

Alan Sugar was knighted in 2000 for services to business.

He is a keen supporter of charities and has also helped to save the Hackney Empire venue.

While still involved with Amstrad, Sugar now concentrates on his property portfolio at home and abroad through Amshold.  He also has a stake in Viglen computers and runs Amsair (an executive air service).

Took over at Tottenham in 1991 with Terry Venables as the dream team who salvaged the club's future when it looked as though Lloyds Bank would take Tottenham into receivership.  He bought into the club without telling his wife, who went mad when she found out.

Under his stewardship, the White Hart Lane ground underwent notable improvement, the club moved into their own training ground at Spurs Lodge in Chigwell and a large amount was spent on team-building (90 million).

His last game as Chairman of the club was at home against Leeds United on 24th February 2001.

He finally sold his remaining shares in the club to ENIC in July 2007 for 25 million, to sever his business ties with the club.




Alan Sugar's tenure as Chairman came to an end with the home match against Leeds United on 24.02.2001.


At the show "A Stroke of Genius" at the Edinburgh Festival, 1,500 women were asked whose sperm they would choose from a celebrity sperm bank and Alan Sugar came in equal third with David Beckham with 6.7% of the vote, behind first place Stephen Fry an second place Brad Pitt.


What they said about Alan Sugar ...
Brian Clough (Nottingham Forest manager) ... on claims Sugar had made in the High Court case about Clough being involved in taking illegal payments ... 1995 (Total Sport)

"The second he's brave enough, big enough and gets a bloody shave and doesn't walk like a spiv, then I'll sue him if he repeats it."

Ann Sugar (wife) ... on buying THFC and his row with Terry Venables ...   11.01.2009 (Mail On Sunday)

"We had people outside the house, holding up banners.  It was just awful.  It was awful for the kids to see as well.  I kept saying to Alan, 'Why did you get involved in this world ?'  It was just awful."

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What Alan Sugar said about ...
Alan Sugar (Tottenham chairman) ... on Klinsmann leaving the club and the shirt he left him ... 1995 (Total Sport)

"I wouldn't wash my car with this now."

... the search for a new manager and a vote of confidence for his choice Christian Gross ...  ..1997 ()

"We looked all around Europe for people with any credentials but it's a fact that anyone who is any good was already tied up with a job."

... sacking Ossie Ardiles ...  November 1994 (Spurs Monthly)

"The difficulty has been compounded by the fact that he is such a delightful and good man. The 16 months I have been associated with Ossie will always remain a milestone in my memory. I will recall forever his dignity and strength during a period in which he was under constant pressure and criticism in one of the most difficult appointments in football's modern day history by having to take the helm at Spurs following Terry Venables' departure. He will always be loved and welcome at the club."

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