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Throughout literature and art, not just sport, Spurs have featured in one form or another.

Here MEHSTG looks at some of the fictional situations which have name checked our club or its players.

Jericho (2016 ITV series)

Two of the main characters in this Edwardian drama about building a viaduct across a Yorkshire valley had somewhat surprisingly familiar names.

The black American who came in with vast experience of building railroads in the USA was named Ralph Coates.

His nemesis, the prodigal brother of the man building the viaduct, was Johnny Jackson.

Coincidence ? ... Maybe, but then again ...

Lucky Man (2016 Sky TV series)

The lead character was James Nesbitt (a renowned Man U fan) playing a maverick police detective, but his female side-kick, Nuri Chohan, was played as a Spurs supporting Detective Sergeant, as she explained the differences between her boyfriend and herself.

EastEnders (BBC TV series)

Martin Fowler had Spurs posters on his wall, while the actor playing him was alleged to be a big Gooner.

The Maltby Collection (BBC Radio series)

Rod Millett (played by Julian Rhind-Tutt) was a rougish Museum worker, who admitted that he loved being in the museum only slightly less than being at White Hart Lane

Life Is Sweet (Mike Leigh Film 1990)

Patsy (Stephen Rea) and Andy (Jim Broadbent) are enjoying a few pints in the pub and engage in a conversation on the football of today (while contrasting it with that of the past)

Patsy: Far as I'm concerned, football died, the day Arsenal won the double.
Andy: That's right. yeah
Patsy: What was they, workhorses.
Andy: Boring buggers hey.
Patsy: Well the Spurs Double team, they was artists.
Andy: They was artists.
Patsy: 21 quid a week they got, can you imagine. what do they get today, millions.
Andy: And they got their backhanders on top of that ain't they.
Patsy: Poncing round the penalty area with their handbags.
Andy: Primadonnas
Patsy: Ohh, he kicked me ref.
Andy: Brown, Baker, Henry,
Andy: Blanchflower
Patsy: Danny boy
Andy: Yeah.
Patsy: He was the architect of the modern game you know.
Andy: That's right, yeah.
Patsy: Norman, Mackay, John White, Smith, Allen,
Patsy: Dyson
Andy: Yeah, Come On You Spurs.
Patsy: John White, what a player, aye.
Andy: Yeah.
Patsy: I used to have a little picture of him on my wall, ringed in black.
Patsy: Tragic. what a way to go.
Andy: Struck by lightening.
Patsy: On a golf course.
Andy:  What a waste aye. You want another ?

Albion, Albion !  (Book by DIck Morland [pseudonym for crime writer Reginald Hill] 1974)

The novel is set in the future, where tribal groups are based on football teams and the main character Whitey is a Spurs fan.


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