the final push



The Final Push 

Macclesfield Town Football Club have less than two weeks to go before the deadline to pay the FA nearly £300,000 or face insolvency.  The Silkmen fans and the club have been busy fundraising since day one but now the donations are needed more than ever for the final push towards the fine. 

Last month Macclesfield Town were hit hard by the FA who ordered the Cheshire club pay them in the region of £300,000 by the end of January. This took the form of a fine and repayment for offences relating to the building of the new stand. 

Two of these charges, which incorporate almost 80% of the full amount, the club still strenuously deny. 

It was immediately clear that a club the size of Macclesfield Town, and indeed most other organizations, would struggle to raise that sort of money in the draconian six week timescale given by the FA. 

The Club and its supporters both moved swiftly to begin the seemingly insurmountable task of raising the required money. 

The club announced last week that we have raised a total of around £50,000.  Macc chairman Rob Bickerton said "It's gone okay, most of the money we've had so far has been through donations. We had around £50,000 by last Wednesday (11th Jan) but obviously it's hard to give an exact amount when a lot of it is in 10 pence pieces ! 

"We have a big mountain to climb. We can see the top and are working hard to get there, but I couldn't say if we'll get there or not."


There are currently many ways to donate money to Save Our Silkmen.  They are the following:


1) The Save Our Silkmen Pixsale Website

Visit and donate £1.25 per square towards the SOS fund giving you a square on the Pixsale website with your message of support.  You can buy as many squares as you want.

Businesses, Companies or your own website can advertise on the Pixsale website for just £75 for a space of 40 squares.  The Save Our Silkmen Pixsale website will be up and running for years to come so it will guarantee a constant stream of visits to your websites.

A Save Our Silkmen Pixsale League Table has been created showing all the clubs that have donated to this scheme.  From Gravesend and Northfleet to FC St Pauli and Sale Sharks! Fans from across the world have already pledged their support.

The aim of the Pixsale website is to raise £10,000 before midnight on January 31st.  You can help buy buying a square or three or twenty.


2) Donate by Cheque

Cheques for donations should be sent to the following address:

C/o Daniels Solicitors,

County Chambers,
6 Chestergate,
SK11 6BA

Please make cheques payable to SILKMEN SUPPORTERS' TRUST.

Please include a stamped, addressed envelope if you require a receipt.

Important: Names of donors and sizes of donations will be kept anonymous unless you explicitly tell us you don't mind either your name or the size of your donation being used in publicity.

For more information visit

So there you go.  Three ways to help Save Our Silkmen.  You choose the right one for you or even better - choose both. 

Thank you for reading (thatís if you got this far) and a big thank you to those that have or will be donating to Save Our Silkmen! 

Onwards and Upwards


Gary J


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