jolly revolution now in full swing


Saturday was the day in which Spurs fans realised the full potential of Tottenham’s young and rapidly developing side. Martin Jol has taken charge since the infamous Santini departure and since then Spurs have looked like a new side rejuvenated from the Frenchman’s dire defensive tactics.

The Dutchman installed attacking passing football  into the side and the signing of Mido along with Andy Reid highlight the way in which the club is moving. The Jol era has not yet seen a bad spell. Admittedly the results before the Portsmouth game were poor, but many will put this down to bad luck rather than bad performances. The blatant handball against Campo and the cruel decision against Edman were just a couple of decisions to knock back the Spurs side at the Reebok stadium.

The squad has undergone incredible change since Arnesen took charge as the Director of Football. The side is now young, fresh and full of talent with plenty of young English stars to shout about. This is a far cry from the days in which Spurs were heavily reliant on the ageing Teddy Sheringham, Les Ferdinand and Gus Poyet.  This isn’t to say that those players weren’t good for the club at the time, but they simply weren’t at the stage of there careers to spearhead Tottenham's campaign.

Spurs now have a side with much more spirit, togetherness and potential with young talents like Defoe, King and Carrick who CAN really lead the charge for that elusive 6th place and a possible FA Cup final. Spurs have been reformed from OAP status to the side with bags of potential creating optimism that’s finally justified.

Mido’s mere presence on the field last week was enough to excite the Spurs faithful. The unbelievably audacious flick through to Defoe followed by his two goals have given the fans great encouragement as what the final matches could bring. After all, the Egyptian was signed for free…not bad, eh?

The main problem that has been pegging Spurs back slightly this year has been the lack of wingers in the midfield. Thanks to the capture of Andy Reid and the imminent return to form of old favourite Simon Davies, Spurs have somehow found a quick fix to this problem. Shame the transfer window didn’t open a bit earlier…

Martin Jol has moulded so many new players in such a short space of time. Spurs lie 4 points off 6th in the Premiership and have a good chance of cup progress this Saturday. Regardless of how Spurs end this season, Spurs may finally be on the verge of bringing the glory days back to White Hart Lane providing the key assets stay and a few top quality summer signings are brought in to the side as promised by Frank Arnesen just a week ago.

Many fans may rightly state that we have been here many times before. My response to that is have we had a squad with the talent and depth like this one in the last10 to15 years?

Forget the rather short lived Santini revolution, the Jolly revolution is now in full swing...


David Soanes

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