1. Why did Peter Bonetti have his sleeves rolled up in such a peculiar fashion in the 1970 World Cup Quarter-final .v. West Germany ??
  2. Why are Wolves never far from your door??
  3. What was Geoff Thomas thinking of when he tried that chip over the French goalkeeper for England that went off for a throw-in ??
  4. When a goalkeeper is injured and requires treatment, why doesn't he have to leave the field and be beckoned onto the field at an appropriate break in play ??
  5. If a team has a player sent off and the game goes to a penalty shoot-out that reaches 10-10, with no player having missed, who takes the 11th penalty for the team with one man short ??
  6. Why do Arsenal have "The" before their name ??
  7. Why does the England captain (whoever it is at whatever time) never get booked or sent off for the most outrageous behaviour on a football pitch ??
  8. Why do foreign imports to the Premiership complain about too many games/the physical nature of English football/the weather/referees ??
  9. Why is relegation always a dog fight ??
  10. Why is it always surprising that big men have a good touch ??
  11. Why would a speedy winger want to catch pigeons ??

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