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Following a piece in the Sun newspaper, one of our readers sent this missive to the Wapping tabloid.

I feel compelled to write to complain about your inaccurate reporting on the happenings (or non-events) at White Hart Lane in the last few weeks. 

Your insistence in dragging out washed up ex-players who clearly have an axe to grind with the club and publishing their obviously biased and blinkered viewpoints serve only to make the player look bitter and fail in their attempts to undermine the management of the club.  As a life long Spurs fan, I have the utmost respect for Teddy Sheringham's contribution to our cause in his two spells at the club, but anyone who has been to WHL since Christmas would confirm that Teddy has been at best ineffectual and at worst a liability.  The club made it clear to Teddy that if we qualified for Europe they would consider a new deal, we haven't and the club are giving him a chance to say a final farewell to the loyal fans, who have stood by the club through thick and thin. I believe that the club's behaviour in this matter has been without fault.  

Tim Sherwood’s comments strike me as the last blows of a wounded soldier.  Tim was a big money signing under George Graham, it never worked out at WHL for him, and he was in truth a waste of money.  On a reputed £30,000 a week contract, Glenn Hoddle decided he wasn't getting value for money and he was let go on a free transfer to Portsmouth.  Like the Teddy deal, there are very few fans who would disagree with Hoddle's decision, but Tim clearly has an axe to grind with the club and is using you as a national newspaper to do it. 

Of the many polls regarding the non-renewal of Teddy's contract (not "sacking" as has been widely mis-reported) not one of them has come back to say it was the wrong decision, the figures in support of the decision are around 75-80% with 5-10% Don't Knows that leaves a very small minority against the decision. Your paper however gives the distinct impression that the "majority" of fans were upset and disillusioned by the decision, this is simply not true. 

My final point is this, Spurs have had a torrid time in the press this season, we are often accused of being a semi-retirement home and lacking in a cutting edge, all of which have some truth, so why then is the club vilified for releasing it's older players with "an eye to the future" as the official statement from THFC stated ?  It strikes me that there are times when the club can do no right in the eyes of the nations media. 

Enda McGuire


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