the history book on the shelf (continued)


Just some thoughts on how this January's transfer dealings will probably turn out:

- next week - Spurs swoop for two Eastern European midfield stars; slightly over-priced but they both had a wonderful world cup / Euro Championships and their videos make them look absolutely world class.  This should be the answer to all our midfield problems.  Unbelievably, Harry faced little opposition and secured their transfers without too much hassle.

- middle of January - Aaron Lennon and Jonathan Woodgate wake up after a heavy night on the town and recall their boyhood dreams of playing for Liverpool.  Negotiations start later that day when Spurs discover letters from Estate Agents in Cheshire addressed to the players concerned confirming they are delighted they have finally ended their six month property search.  Liverpool admit they may have mentioned a deal to the lads last summer at Robbie Keane's welcoming party but deny any wrong-doing.  They do put 20p in the lifeboat fund as a gesture of goodwill though.  Spurs say that despite this they will hold on to their prize assets ... unless the offer is too good to refuse admits Daniel Levy privately.

- last week in January; Spurs swap Gilberto plus 3m for little known Brazilian goalkeeper who will understudy Heurelho Gomes - once he recovers from his long running shoulder problem.

- 30th January - Spurs claim to be close to signing top class CH and Strikers to replace Lennon and Woodgate who still wish to follow their dream.

- 31st January, 11.55 - Levy squeezes additional 100K for Lennon and Woodgate allowing the deal to go through; Liverpool loan us their second choice kit-man in return.

-31st January midnight - deals for new CH and striker fall through as selling clubs were demanding 110K more than Spurs were prepared to pay

- 1st Feb - new goalkeeper has scan on injured arm and is advised to quit first class football or risk permanent damage.

- 2nd February - East European stars announce they are homesick and will look to move back home in summer.

- second week in February - first East European midfielder is injured in training and out for the rest of the season with a fractured toe.

- second week in February - second East European makes home debut but loses possession in first minute causing Spurs to concede early goal from which they never recover.

- third week in February - Spurs concede second East European is unlikely to make the grade and agree loan back deal with his original club.

- End of March - new kit man proving disastrous and is sacked for gross misconduct - putting red dye in the wash.

- July 2009 - Harry reveals a boyhood dream ...

steve gediking

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