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             11.09.2007    BOARD WOBBLER
             25.06.2007    THE DEMI-SE OF A HALF-FULL GLASS
             20.05.2007    FA CUP FINAL AND ALL THAT


With the international break, it has given me time to think what is going on at our club.  We have spent big and the start of the season has not gone according to plan.  Yes, we should have beaten Sunderland, or at least got a draw, but when I heard the rumours about Jol heading for the exit door ...

What is going on ?  Not being privy to the Jol and Levy/board conversations, I can only comment on what I have heard and read in the media.

How can you give millions to a manager to spend during the summer and then after a few games into the new season, think of giving him the tin tack ?  OK, the board did that with Hoddle, but Hoddle had lost the last few games the season before and he had not led Spurs to fifth place.  Ah fifth place.  Is that the fifth place that says European football ? Is that the fifth place that we secured for two seasons running ?

So history tells us that Jol can achieve European football and nearly champions league footy if it had not been for some dodgy lasagne and a few iffy away results, two seasons ago.  So why change the manager ?  Only the board knows.  I could understand if the results or the style of play was not of their liking.

The timing of this debacle tells me that the board know nothing of football and the only thing they do know is how to maximise the turnover and profit margins of this great club of ours.  Look at the way the prices have shot up since they came on the scene.  I am not only talking about ticket prices but the whole package of going to see the boys in blue and white.  The results speak for themselves, but what of the style of play ? Well, since ENIC we have seen Graham (boring, but did when a cup), Hoddle (could not replicate his genius), Pleat (a wasted year) and Jol (two different styles at home and away).  So, if you are telling me that they did not like his style then why not get rid of Jol in the summer before you gave him the cheque book, and get someone whose style you like ?

The other problem is with our director of football.  Who in their right mind would sell their best player to their rivals? Yes, Damien Comolli.  When Chelsea wanted Hasselbaink, Leeds refused to sell him to them.  And for Hasselbaink, it meant he had to go to Spain and then to Chelsea.  It was the same this year, when Liverpool wanted Heinze from Man U. Selling your players to your rivals will make you weaker and them stronger.     

“You don’t know what you doin’” seems to ring true with this board.  When Jol said he could get a Champions League job, but wants to stay with the club, is true, but how far can someone be pushed ?  I would not be surprised if he did walk and who would we get ?  Whoever it was, they would have to start again.  Jam tomorrow and all that. 

Big game this weekend, with the pressure on.  Spurs have not beaten the forces of evil, since the last century and you can bet that the red tops will already have their headlines written.  If Spurs do win, all it means to the big man, is a stay of execution.  Jol does not warrant a board such as this, and out of the two, the board should go.




Henry leaving the Gooners was on the cards and now he has finally left.  He cited that Dein leaving had an influence on his decision and the fact that Wenger has only one more year on his contract and that he was not given assurances that he (Wenger) would renew or extend his contract.  

When your captain and best player leaves the club, it is not good.  Henry is a world class player and any team would have him in their side.  He is the one player that would influence players to join Arsenal, just as Bergkamp did.  Dein, could also sell the dream.  Now, Arsenal has no one except Wenger, and he may only be there for another year. 

Since Wenger arrived at Arsenal he has always bought and sold players, as any manager does, but once they knew that they were moving to their new stadium they began to sell players that commanded big transfer fees (e.g. Vieira, Cole) and lost players on free transfers (e.g. Wiltord, Campbell, Pires and Bergkamp [who retired]).  Wenger has operated on a limited budget and has done really well.  But, a player of Henry’s stature wants to play with established players who will challenge and win trophies, not players who are still learning their trade.  This was the second season that Arsenal have not won anything and maybe Henry saw the writing on the wall for the coming season.  

Arsenal has some players who have and will shine in the league.  Denilson, Walcott and Fabregas, but will that be enough to challenge for the title ?  I think not, but they may pick up a cup.  For the last two seasons Arsenal have not been the force that they once were and Tottenham have challenged them for that fourth spot. 

This coming season, has seen Man United invest over £50 million in players, Liverpool will invest in players care of their new American owners, while Chelsea always have money to buy who they want.  Arsenal has tended to carry a surplus in their transfer dealings.  Now that Henry has gone, who will command a big transfer fee ? 

Arsenal have had their day and it is time for Spurs to step up to the next level.



The FA Cup final is the signal that the season is over and for spurs it did go to the last game of the season, for the second season in a row! Well, having watched the final in the brand new stadium that is Wembley, between Manchester and Chelsea, I really have to say that it was not the best and that Tottenham should have been there instead of Chelsea.

I knew when the draw was made that the fa would like a final between the moneybags of the football league, so surprise surprise, as Cilla would say those two clubs were kept apart. We nearly did spoil the party, and I am convinced next season Jol will not make the same mistake in taking of our best player and in so doing let the other side into the game (Chelsea and Arsenal).  

Did the ball cross the line ? Yes it did ! The TV cameras spotted it, the manager said it crossed the line and the other manager said nothing about it. That is what happened, a couple of seasons ago when we played Manchester and Pedro scored the goal that never was.  Now, it has come back to haunt them, and boy were they gutted about it. Karma.     

The red tops are in full flow as to who we are linked with, and who will leave.  I scan the teletext, internet and back pages and groan when it is someone I don’t rate (Reo-Coker) and hope that we get that certain player (Bale). The good thing is that we are being linked to the players that would strengthen our team, in the left back and left midfield positions.  The up shot is that it keeps my interest in the beautiful game and Tottenham alive in the close season.  I will comment on the players that come and go in the coming articles.

With a statue of Bobby Moore being unveiled at Wembley, someone has had the bright idea of having a statue of Billy Nick at The Lane. I know we have Bill Nicholson Way, but a statue is what we should have had. Please sign the petition at to let our chairman do the decent thing. 

The season ticket price fiasco carries on with Newcastle the latest club to freeze their prices and I was listening to the radio and over 38% of West Ham fans will not be renewing. Now I know some of you would say that that figure is to low, but what it does say is that the price of watching a game of footy is very expensive and if you go onto the continent you can watch Barca, Real Madrid or Bayen for as little as £15! It shows what the game has come to when a programme for the fa cup is £10 and a hotdog £4.50!



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