comolli faithful - not joyful nor triumphant


I have been thinking lately about the relevance of Damien Comolli's position at Spurs...

Look at his Work History -

- Under 16 coach at Monaco for three years winning the State Championship (District Cup equivalent I suppose).
- Technical Director of Saint Etienne finishing 6th in league and Semi Finals of Coupe De France, where he is recognised for developing successful links with local amateur clubs.
- Then finally after completing a law degree he moved to London and spent several seasons searching for little boys for Arsene Wenger ...

Not really an impressive enough CV to secure Director of Football at the fifth biggest football club in England me thinks...

My gripe is that we have effectively taken a scout from our bitterest rivals and made him Director of Football!! I recognise he has some skills in finding talented youngsters but some of the signings made last season bring his judgement into question - Bent to say the least...

At the end of the day, we now have a proper "Manager" in Juande Ramos in place, so let's use him in this capacity - the capacity in which I'm sure he wants to be utilised.  That's no disrespect to dear old Jol as he was always cut out to be a head coach, not a manager.

If you look at the two most successful clubs in the Premiership in the last 10 years, they have both effectively been run by a single figure-head pulling all the strings, making all the decisions.  No airy-fairy football players who retired at youth level to cloud their judgement.

I say let Ramos take the reins and guide us wherever he feels necessary, not some French Scout that has spent too much time with Arsene Wenger filling his head with delusions of power over Bagels, Garlic and candlelight in some dodgy West End bar.

So have some balls Levy and do the right thing !!!


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