THST meeting with Daniel Levy


On Monday December 3rd, Peter Haring (Chairman and Funding and Investment), Daniel Wynne (Vice Chair and Communications) and Jonathan Adelman (Secretary) met at White Hart Lane with Spurs Chairman, Daniel Levy ("DL"), the Club's Press Officer, John Fennelly and Donna Cullen, recently appointed Head of Communications for the Club.

There was no formal agenda for the hour and a half long meeting with the main purpose being the introduction to the club of representatives of the newly formed elected committee and the beginning of the regular consultative process agreed on when The Trust met the Club in October.

DL stressed again how supportive the club is of the Trust and that they would like to work with us very closely on matters that relate to fans.  They expect to make their own commercial decisions, but are very eager to understand the supporters' views.  As previously agreed the Trust will not have a say over the playing side of the Club, which "is entirely the manager's province".  The Club is very keen to develop links with its overseas supporters groups and this is something where we hope the Trust and the Club can work closely to make our global fan base feel part of the Tottenham Family.   Naturally, the Club are keen to hear of any ideas which we the fans have to improve the service they provide, either on match days or generally or any other ways of strengthening the relationship between the club and its supporters.  At the last meeting in October a few of the suggestions made were well received and one was implemented almost immediately, that being the scrolling score updates on the Jumbotron.

Another idea, the production of a video "season ticket" for our the NTSC/US fans is being investigated. 

DL reiterated what was agreed in October, namely that when issues such as the plans for the stadium and season ticket prices are discussed, the Trust will be consulted.  This means that although the Trust would not (nor could it realistically expect to have) a veto, the Club will, for the first time, actively consult with fans on issues important to us.  It is very encouraging to hear from the highest source possible that the club will be discussing these matters with fans before any announcements are made.

Peter explained the roles of each area of the Trust and what we hope to achieve.  Peter explained that we were planning a series of events for members, the first of which will be on the evening of 17th January 2002 when a Members Meeting will be held at Whites so that the Trust's members can start to raise the issues and ideas that they have, which will set the agenda for the Trust.  The Club again demonstrated their support by offering Whites for the Members Meeting and will hopefully confirm in due course that senior members of the Club's management will come along to a Q&A Evening, similar to the event with David Buchler last summer.  Whites will also be the venue for another members Meeting on March 14th 2002.

At the meeting in October, DL offered two Trust members the opportunity to enjoy at Match Day at White Hart Lane from the comfort of the directors box and it has now be confirmed that a draw of Members will take place in the next week for tickets for the Blackburn game on 1st January 2002. The playing squad will be in attendance post match and DL felt this would be a perfect day to invite two members.

Martin Chivers will be contacted with a view to setting up a game (in early summer) for Trust Members to play against his ex Spurs XI.  We have requested the use of WHL or Spurs Lodge, although we are aware that work needs to be carried out on both locations as soon as the season ends. We will circulate details once a date and a venue have been confirmed.  

When the Trust Board met we agreed that we would like to approach a person entwined with the history and traditions of the club to become out Honorary President and at the meeting we asked if the Club could introduce us to our first choice.  We hope to make an announcement in the New Year.
DL suggested we meet again early in 2002 thereafter on a regular basis.  We hope as many Members as possible will be able to attend the Members Meeting on 17th January 2002 so that we can start the process of feeding back to the club your ideas and suggestions. If you are unable to make Members Meetings please do email any comments, suggestions or ideas to the Trust at

To conclude, it was a very warm and positive meeting.  It is clear that everyone present had the best intentions of the club at heart and it was very pleasing to hear how the club wish to consult on major issues that affect the fans.

Our New Year newsletter will be published prior to the Members Meeting and we look forward to seeing you at Whites on 17th January.

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