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9th May 2001

    We are not even in the close season and the journo's have gone into overdrive, with who we are going to sign. Hoddle went to watch one game abroad and we are linked with three players from that one game!

   Lampard, Koumas, Effenberg, Petit, Sinclair, Ziege, Bierhoff and Guardiola are names that have featured in the press and on teletext. We all have our views on players, but the main theme that runs through the players that we are linked with is that they mainly ply their trade in the middle of the park. An area which we are not blessed in.

   The idea of bringing players into the team/squad must be, that they are better than the ones that are already in the team/squad. What do we think of our current midfield?           

   Well, Sherwood's best days are behind him. Since he had his op in January 2000, he cannot run, his passes are short and when he makes a vein attempt to tackle, he ends up with a handful of the opposing players shirt and a booking! The mind is willing, but the body is weak.

   Clemence, plays well in the big games and seems "up for it." Technically OK, but one footed and is prone to make mistakes. He has improved, but can he "boss a game"? I don't think so.

   Korsten, has actually played this season, but not in his favoured position, of left midfield. Instead, he has either played up front, centre of midfield or on the right wing. What Graham, O'Leary and Hoddle see in him I don't know. He is lazy, and he really does watch the game go by. I would say bye-bye!

   Of all the mid fielders that we are being linked with, my short list would be Effenberg, Petit and Guardiola. They are all quality. But would they come to the Lane?

   The rigid pay, structure that was in place under the previous regime, has been blown away, by the new owners. This had to be achieved if we are to get top quality players, either on transfer fees or on Bosmans. Effenberg has said that Spurs fascinates him. His daughter is going to study in London, hence the move. Then two years later he will move to the USA. This is a man who knows what he wants and will get it. Guardiola, has been approached, but he (according to the Italian press) has signed a pre contract with Parma. A quality, quality player.  Petit, wants money and first team football. You do not have a World cup winners medal if you are not very good!

   My choice out of the three? It would have to be Effenberg. His medal cabinet bulges. A testament to the fact that this player, plays to win. Scores goals, not afraid to mix it, can play a long ball or a short pass and he can boss a game. The one thing that has been missing from our team for a long time.

   One thing is certain, if we are to catch up with the top four teams, then we need quality players to join our boys at the Lane. Come on David and Glen, the season ticket renewals will be sent out soon. Let's sign a quality midfielder or two!

Mario Sergides

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