midnight cowboy

This article originally appeared in MEHSTG Vol. 2. Issue 31 (February 2003)

What do Tottenham Hotspur and actor John Voight have in common ??

They both have Spurs and don’t get seen until midnight !! 

Have you noticed how often Spurs are the last game to be featured on ‘Match of The Day’ … oh, sorry … I mean ‘The Premiership’ ?  Almost every bloody week when we have a game on a Saturday (not very often I grant you), you have to sit through every other match that has taken place to see brief highlights of our latest action.  And it’s even worse when we have played on a Sunday or Monday and ITV deigns to show a package of highlights at some God-forsaken hour of the night.

So why is this ?  Apart from having a good record against Brighton and Hove Albion, which might upset Des Lynam, I can’t think of a suitable reason for this imposition.

Could it be that on examination of a survey of fan’s attitudes to televised football, Spurs fans were the largest contingent who watch the show and therefore, if they stick our team on at the end of proceedings, they will guarantee high viewing figures throughout the show ?  Meaning we have to sit through so much dross that you might actually give up the will to live before you get to see your heroes take the screen.

Could it be that there are evil forces at work where some pact with the Devil has been struck relegating Tottenham action until the witching hour ?  But then what do we gain from it ?  Nothing that I have seen so far.

Would the trade-off be that we have been featured on live televised matches so often of late that we have to take a back seat in any highlights programme, as the same effect seems to happen on Sky TV’s football coverage as well ?

With televised football getting to an overkill level, perhaps we should be glad to be tucked away just before the Epilogue, but when you are trying to capture a new legion of fans, it is not the best slot to have.  Come on ITV, spread us around … some of us want to get to bed you know !!

Manny Allbright

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