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Following Tottenham's 5-3 defeat of Chelsea on New Year's Day, Jose Mourinho went all moody and had a go at the ref.


Mourinho World must be a wonderful place. It is a place where nothing is ever your fault and there is always someone else to blame.

When Chelsea come to town, their manager doesn't so much park the bus, but push anyone else underneath it if it gets him off the hook.  And for that reason, he can never be regarded as one of the greats of football management, whatever he has on his CV in terms of trophies. Respect in football has to be earned and his arrogance and rudeness rules him out on those grounds.

His standing among his peers may be high, but among fans outside of SW15 there are few who think he is the canine cohones. His theatrics, both here and in Spain when he managed Real Madrid, put him on a level where he sinks to Sunday league level, trying to wind people up on and off the touchline, with his cod psychology that is supposed to win his side favour, but which back-fires on him spectacularly.

Only he, with riches within his squad that other sides might only dream of, can moan about having to play injured players or that the referee influences matches to such an effect that they can only get eight of 22 shots on target.

With Tottenham playing Chelsea at their own game, even an early goal failed to prevent Spurs taking his team apart in a manner that has not been seen for some time. And Paul Merson can stuff his prediction where the sun don't shine, saying Spurs were waiting to be thrashed. Not so clever now Gooner are you ?

But will the Chelsea manager or the ex-Arse man offer any praise for Tottenham ?

Guess not, as they are both all fuss and bluster. Smoke and mirrors don't come into it, as these two put up a smokescreen that would rival that left after the New Year's Eve fireworks on the River Thames.  Whatever the real reason for the slaughter that they were put to by Spurs, the boss will hide behind his Mum's apron to make sure the fickle finger of fate doesn't point at him, when he either thought bit was a formality in picking up the three points or he seriously got his tactics wrong.  In my view, the man is nothing more than a bully and a coward (I know that is a bit tortologous, but I like to think that even he is able to be both more than anyone else).  Happy to fire off shots at anyone who gets in the way of him achieving what he thinks he is due, but without realising that in the real world (as he found out at Real), not everything falls into his Mourinho World view, as others have ambitions of their own and can achieve them in a more acceptable manner.

Look at his record. Porto, who dive, time-waste, play act and cynically foul their way to the UEFA Cup against Celtic.  Inter Milan – typically Italian in their approach, which suits the Mournho style to a tee.  Real Madrid – when missing out to the talented all-star Barcelona side, he results to flicking the Barcelona coach's ear and then running away. Chelsea – well, take your pick. The man has a litany of incidents which mark him out as a man who has never really been able to relate to others, from his players forever surrounding referees when they have a decision go against them, he himself leaving the touch-line minutes before the end of a game, thus disrespecting other managers to (however funny Spurs fans might find it) ranting about Wenger being the “specialist in failure”.

His disdain knows no bounds.

But what's the worst that can happen to him ?  Referees are afraid to confront him.
So, the FA will give him a fine ?  Abramovich will pay. 
A touchline ban ? His radio contact hidden behind a scarf will get around that.

Of course, the Pensioners fans love it. But then, newbie fans who have only come to football because they are winning things would, wouldn't they ? Let's see how many are still there when the oil price and the rouble drop so low, that their benefactor decides that his money is better spent elsewhere. 

“Where were you when you were crap ?” Spurs fans sang to the rapidly emptying away section at the Lane (not that the homeward bound Chelsea fans would know, as most of them have only known glory). More apposite might be “Where will you be when you are crap again ?”

Personally, I was sick of him at the end of his first spell at the West London club, so, when he came back, I was not enamoured and thought that it would all end in tears and that almost happened at White Hart Lane on New Year's Day, when he looked like a three year old throwing a toddler tantrum when things didn't go his way. He knows that losing to Tottenham is not acceptable, however well we played and that his fans will start to turn on him if other results go against the “Sulky One.”

The fact that Pochettino got his tactics spot on, while Jose's arrogance in thinking that his team would just roll up and steam-roller Tottenham, came back to kick him up the arse, with Spurs running wild past his static Matic midfield and his crumbling and creaking defence that “starred” the England international Keystone Cops of Terry and Cahill. The former was a joke and the second was the grateful recipient of the leniency showed to him by referee Dowd, having hacked down Rose after he hit the second goal, brought down Kane for the penalty for our third and then kicked Kane full in the back while the Spurs striker was prone on the floor. Any views on that Jose ? ... No. Didn't think so. Rather than being hard done by, you were lucky that you weren't reduced in numbers and made to pay even more by Tottenham's quick-thinking and quick-footed players.

“Special One”or “Finished One” ? He will go on to win something this season, but just remember that when this man speaks of 19th Century football, players diving to influence games and gamesmanship, he has been the Godfather of all these tactics on his way through Europe's leagues.

Cheat ?

Well, the old saying goes, “It takes one to know one.”

Gary Sampson

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