Saturday Night at The Movies

First featured in MEHSTG Vol. 1 Issue 6 - January 1991

MEHSTG's film critic, PAUL MOLLOY, has been casting his cynical old eyes batch of videos and films on release.

The first film I turned my attention to was MISSING IN ACTION, which is a tense thriller about Paul Moran who was last seen playing well for Spurs, but then mysteriously disappeared. EXTERMINATOR is an action film in the Rambo mould, which portrays the life story of Pat Van Den Hauwe.  I wasn't much taken with the next offering - REVENGE OF THE NERDS - that centred around Arsenal's 1-0 victory at Highbury last season.  If your taste is for fantasy and romance, then SWEET DREAMS is for you.  In this highly believable movie, Tottenham Hotspur win the Treble, European Cup and World Championship.  A classic of its genre is ALIEN, where an extraterrestrial lands on Earth, visits Highbury and finds it interesting. A bit far-fetched this one !  The film JIGSAW MAN is a touching biographical film about Bryan Robson and his Doctor. 

Two films which nearly reduced me to tears were SUPERMAN and RAW DEAL.  The first is a story based on Chris Waddle's last season at White Hart Lane, while the latter concentrates on the plight of Spurs fans who have had the best terrace view in the country taken from them. RAGING BULL features a story line about Paul Stewart in a China shop, in great contrast to RUNNING MAN where Paul Alien stars in the title role.  There is a psychological thriller on release at the moment telling the tale of Arsenal fans watching a match at Highbury and I can heartily recommend THE BIG SLEEP for all the insomniacs out there.  Gary Lineker's life-story is told in the video PREDATOR and his England colleague Paul Gascoigne is the star of LETHAL WEAPON which relates the variety of free-kicks in his armoury.  In the latest Harrison Ford flick, PRESUMED INNOCENT, the story unfolds of Gary Mabbutt, whose previous exemplary record allows him to escape punishment for his new, "more resolute" approach. 

GHOST, belatedly, takes a retrospective look at the delightful skills of the former Spurs' man, Martin Peters.  Beautifully photographed this one.  Another release about one of our recent captains, Graham Roberts, is ROBOCOP, where he lays down the law in midfield.  The story of an alien in a foreign land who has footballs kicked at him and throws lots of gloves into the crowd is touchingly told in E.T.  The current boardroom wrangles at THFC are reviewed, with Robert Maxwell taking the lead in WALL STREET.  Lineker's off-duty cricketing activities are depicted in BATMAN.  The epic movie about a peaceful defender stars Gudni Bergsson in the title role of GANDHI, having confused his Christian name.  A controversial film is the next one up, where the perpetrators of 'professional' fouls on Gazza are exposed in RUTHLESS PEOPLE.

Two films on release at the moment are about Wimbledon- neither are worth watching (surprise surprise!) -and are entitled SHORT CIRCUIT and DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.  Finally, two stone bonkers at the box-office are about our favourite team.  Firstly, FATAL ATTRACTION about the fans devotion to the team and GLORY, which tells the eventful history of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.  Happy Viewing. 

by Paul Molloy & Stan Chun.


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