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With the launch of the new THFC badge, our readers give their views on the new design ...
if you haven't seen it, click here.  Then give us your opinion.



Has anyone come out and said they really like the new badge ??  There is only one here who definitely likes it ! 

I think that there is little to commend it as a design and how Daniel Levy comes up with it supposedly "expressing our ambitions", I don't know.  Does it have a speech bubble coming out of it's mouth saying "Get us into Europe Martin" ??

I was hoping for something a bit more unique rather than making it something resembling that bird that they stick onto a concrete orb in the Thomson advert in the programme.

Spiky Mikey


Don't mind the new badge really, just think we might as well have looked at the top of the Shelf and West stands as we have a perfectly good cockerel and ball symbol there.  Why not use that, save on paying someone to come up with a new/retro thingy.

Haven't seen the new kit yet but I suppose Spurs in their infinite wisdom will say that if you don't like it don't worry we'll change it next year ... which they will.



I'm not sure why everyone's getting so het-up, I think it's a good design with some nice touches, it stays true to our history and previous badges - look how far the designers of the Gooners took their badge and what did they end up with ?  A Sunday league clip art design that will date incredibly quickly where as ours will still look fresh in 20 years. Also they lost their balls and we've gained ours back !

I'm more distressed at next seasons shirt !  What the F*^ are the club playing at letting Puma put claw marks on it ? - and how many makers logos can you fit on one shirt ! This over everything else is going to undermine our image - not the new/old badge.

Love and hugs

Alan O'Brien

By the way - I'm a graphic designer so I have the eye!


What I want to know is how much did the club pay some marketing guru to come up with what is nothing more than a variation on a theme.  Cut out all the corporate baloney Levy.  What we want is some success to go with all these changes to show us they are for the better.

The money shelled out to some arty-farty medja type could probably have bought us a new player !!

Barry Levington


Another way of getting us to spend our money !  What was the print run on the "limited edition" (new badge) silver programme ? 

The answer is, until it sold out! 

Dangerous Dave


I agree with East Stan !

What's all this fuss about.  Does it really warrant a "special limited edition programme" with a four page spread ?  It's not as though it's that radical.

Alan Thatcher


I was a bit disappointed when I first saw the new badge, but no doubt I will get to like it.  I don't suppose it matters that much what it looks like as long as the team continue to perform the way they have been (Leicester away not included).


Richard Cook


The whole dumbing down of the motto and the corporate claptrap about how the new badge links with the club's tradition and the fact that Daniel Levy "feel(s) that reflects the youth and dynamism of the Club, as well as expressing our ambitions and aspirations" and "We have sought to reflect our traditions as well as our reputation for style" really gets my goat.  

It's a badge for goodness sake !!

Tradition would be keeping the Latin motto and some semblance of honour about why the change is being made in the first place.

East Stan


There is a slim-ness about it, which some of the other cockerels haven't had.

Will Chirpy feel jealous ?

Benny The Ball


I think the new crest has a real retro look about it.  It harks back to the Glory Days, which, with any luck, are about to return to WHL.

Andy Beardwell


My first thought was meep-meep ... we've got a Road Runner.

I think it needs toughening up a little.

Dave R


I don't like it.

Andrew Ford


I quite like it.  
Looks reasonably sleek and stylish.
Not quite 1960s cockerel on the ball style, but not bad.

Isaac Gregory



I was just wondering what people think of the new badge ?  Me and my mate think the clubs actually come up trumps.

Robert Jones


I quite like the new badge and crest as released to the public today.   It is simple in line, uncluttered, yet states a lot.

Best wishes



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