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MEHSTG readers give their view of the 
coming season 2001-2002


For some time now I have been racking my brains as to how our club started to slide over the past decade. I can remember a time when we would easily be a match for the girls down the road over 90 minutes, but lets be honest, after this season's semi-final, the void now looks bigger than ever. (Much to my dismay).

After reading an article from MEHSTG I was suddenly enlightened as to why such a gap between ourselves and the top teams in England has come about and unfortunately it once again boils down to the thing that was rarely thought of, let alone discussed at the dawn of football, MONEY. It was brought to my attention that once upon a time we were leading the way in terms of record buys (Paul Gascoigne's transfer from the Toon Army), but since that time we have barely made an impression or even a dent upon the British transfer market.

Sure I am happy with the signings from Glenn so far, as we currently must have some of the hottest youngsters in the English game and feel he is right to go for more experienced players such as Teddy and Gus. However Spurs (Chairman and Manager) need to be seen to be putting money where their mouths are and going for some of the top names in Europe. They need to show the fans they truly wish to return to glory and by paying the now reasonably low fee of 10 to 15 million pounds for a player they can show that determination. 

If I were a player of lets say Clarence Seedorf's ability I would have to think extremely hard as to why I would want to move to the Lane. He and others need to see a team united and most definitely going forwards with vigour and determination. Only then will the likes of Carr and the youngsters wish to stay which is what we need if we are ever to return to the forefront of this beautiful game.

Phil Saville


Alas the new season is approaching and while I try and be as positive as any Spurs fan can be lets put this summers signings, outgoings and the general state of things at White Hart Lane into perspective.
While the great loss of Sol could have a great bearing on whether we qualify for Europe this coming season, there seem to be other grumblings in the ranks of players at Spurs. Stevie Carr our fantastic right back seems to be worried were Spurs are going and I can see his point. As a player in his early twenties he is about to face another transitional period of his career in his quest for honours. 

How many more transitional periods can we go through?  We as supporters have to hope and prey that ENIC give Glenn the time and the money to put together a winning team because this is the problem that we have faced for too many years, too many different managers with different ideas on how the game should be played, too much dross being bought into the club and not enough quality being brought in and all this is a recipe for disaster.

I now that this all sounds negative but on a different note we do have a realistic chance of qualifying for Europe. Glenn has looked at the amount of quality younger players we have at the club and can see that the problem last season was that we needed older guys with the experience and guile to see them through.  

Please step up Poyet, Sheringham, Ziege and Bunjevcevic the boys that can make all the right noises and difference for the forthcoming season. 

In closing where are we going to find a centre half nearly as good as Sol, is he already at the club i.e. .. Ledley King, or the youngster Tony Gardner, only time will tell, but I believe we have a couple of Ten million pound plus young defenders in the making, they just need the time and the experience and I believe they will come good and our great club will reap the rewards in our quest to be part of the elite sides in England and Europe.

Paul Davis
Camden Town

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