number 13 ... unlucky for some


This may not be the most popular article to write about but I have been of the opinion ( and those poor souls who sit around me each week in the upper tier of the Paxton will know) I have to say that we need a goalkeeper urgently.

Yeah, I know horse stable door, in respect of we have tried to, hopefully all but got, Paul Robinson, but Kasey Keller is not the goalkeeper that we need.

Let me say that as a "shot stopper" he is excellent and many a time I can only applaud the saves he makes, it's not that I don't like him, it just a times his decision making and general Goalkeeping is awful.

 I have always thought this, but It seems to been exaggerated from the Arsenal game at home, when he brought down Henry.

Think about it how many times have you seen him come and claim a cross, and catch it, how many corners have been put on the six yard area and he has failed to hold or even attempt to catch, he has a panache to want to punch the ball rather than catch it which invites pressure again.

During the warm up, Keller, Segers and Burch practice crossing the ball, from the wing with the non crosser standing in front of Keller and he catches it, this goes on for about 5 -10 minutes, and then Kasey punches the last couple.

This raise some points, why practice the catching, if he does not wish to catch it, does he lack the confidence to claim a cross in the heat if the game, and if he wants to punch, the practice punching and not catching.

The next point is that his dead ball, and kicking in general is very poor. Against Fulham recently it looked like he was trying to get Johnny Wilkinson place in the Rugby team, with almost every kick going out of play.

Kicking poorly also invites pressure and we have conceded goals.  Think about Southampton first goal, it was a back pass that KK kicked out for a Southampton corner from which Beattie scored (even Beattie's free kick should have been saved).

There are other example's goal we conceded against Charlton at home, the ball was going three-four foot wide and he decide to throw himself pass the post and save a harmless looping headed for another corner that Cole scored from.

Recently against Man city in the first half he should have come for a ball to Wright Phillips and stayed at home, and the ball hit Fowler thigh, and stuck there, we should have conceded, and for Wright Phillips third goal he should have stated at home as he made Wright Phillips mind up for him, and an easy finish.

KK starting position always seems to be wrong and far to deep, he never and I mean never gathers the ball towards the edge of the area, when he does come, he does not get there, he needs to be more commanding in the area.

The other, perhaps important point is that he seems not to give any of the defenders any confidence, I am not blaming him for the faults of others, but the is a general nervousness that seems to stem from him, if he came for a cross, or gather a ball, and made the art of defending a ball his responsibility, this can only help the defence.

It is obvious that Dean Richards has no confidence in him ( and you may say that KK returns the favour on Deano) but we can't have the centre-halves inviting the goalkeeper, to sort out there alleged differences in the changing rooms at St James Park.

Communication is another major fault, he does not talk to the back four, does not call for the ball, does not commanded the situation.

These are just some examples, I would love KK to prove me wrong, a good player is a benefit to us all.

Maybe he does need a bit of competition to keep him sharp, which Robinson will hopefully provide. But we need a commanding goalkeeper as well as a great shot stopper, which I hope we have, I just think next year any shouting we hear from between the stick will be in a Yorkshire accent.

Paul Lamoureaux

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