penalties missed

With just the keeper 12 yards away and between you and a goal, things do not always go to plan.
Here are the penalties Spurs have missed ...

Date Opposition Venue Reason Taker Saved/Missed Referee
27.01.2019 Crystal Palace (FA Cup) Away Foul (van Aanholt on Foyth) Kieran Trippier Missed K. Friend
04.02.2018 Liverpool (Premier League) Away Foul (Karius on Kane) Harry Kane Saved (Karius) J. Moss
28.12.2016 Southampton (Premier League) Away Foul (Redmond on Alli) Harry Kane Missed M. Dean
02.10.2016 Manchester City (Premier League) Home Foul (Fernandinho on Alli) Erik Lamela Saved (Bravo) A. Marriner
22.02.2015 West Ham United (Premier League) Home Foul (Song on Kane) Harry Kane Saved (Adrian) J. Moss
28.08.2014 Manchester City (Premier League) Away Foul (Demichelis on Soldado) Roberto Soldado Saved (Hart) J. Moss
28.08.2014 AEL Limassol (Europa League) Home Foul (Fergouch on Naughton) Harry Kane Saved (Pulpo) M. Zelinka
12.04.2014 West Bromwich Albion (League Cup) Away Foul (Amalfitano on Rose) Emmanuel Adebayor Saved (Foster) N. Swarbrick
31.10.2012 Norwich City (League Cup) Away Foul (Tierney on Walker) Clint Dempsey Saved (Bunn) J. Moss
26.11.2011 West Bromwich Albion (Premier League) Home Foul (Shorey on Lennon) Emmanuel Adebayor Saved (Foster) L. Probert
25.08.2011 Heart of Midlothian (Europa League) Home Foul (McDonald on Kane) Harry Kane Saved (McDonald) A. Kakos
05.02.2011 Bolton Wanderers (Premier League) Home Foul (Ricketts on Lennon) Rafael van der Vaart Missed (after successful penalty had to be re-taken) -
28.11.2010 Liverpool (Premier League) Home Handball (Ngog) Jermain Defoe Missed -
24.11.2010 Werder Bremen (Champions League) Home Foul (Kroos on Modric) Gareth Bale Saved (Wiese) -
13.11.2010 Blackburn Rovers (Premier League) Home Foul (Robinson on Crouch) Roman Pavlyuchenko Missed -
29.09.2010 Twente Enschede (Champions League) Home Foul (Wisgerhof on Crouch) Rafael van der Vaart Saved (Mihaylov) -
23.01.2010 Leeds United (FA Cup) Home Foul (Crowe on Rose) Jermain Defoe Saved (Ankergren) -
06.12.2009 Everton (Premier League) Away Foul (Hibbert on Palacios) Jermain Defoe Saved (Howard) -
27.10.2009 Everton (League Cup) Home Foul (Distin on Keane) Robbie Keane Saved (Howard) -
29.12.2007 Reading (Premier League) Home Foul (Sonko on Keane) Robbie Keane Saved (Hahnemann) K. Stroud
22.12.2007 Arsenal (Premier League) Away Foul (Toure on Berbatov) Robbie Keane Saved (Almunia) R. Styles
25.11.2007 West Ham United (Premier League) Away Foul (Neill on Defoe) Jermain Defoe Saved (Green) M. Riley
13.05.2007 Manchester City (Premier League) Home Foul (Dunne on Zokora) Jermain Defoe Saved (Isaksson) S. Bennett
03.12.2005 Sunderland (Premier League) Home Handball (Breen) Robbie Keane Saved (Alnwick) P. Walton
17.09.2005 Aston Villa (Premier League) Away Handball (Bouma) Jermain Defoe Missed S. Bennett
02.01.2001 Newcastle United (Premier League) Home   Darren Anderton - (-) -
..200- - (Premier League) Home   - - (-) -
17.04.1999 - (Premier League) Home Foul (Gough on Iversen) Allan Nielsen Saved (Crossley) G. Willard
16.11.1996 Sunderland (Premier League) Home   Teddy Sheringham Hit post -
03.05.1995 Newcastle United (Premier League) Away Foul (Srnicek on Barmby) Jurgen Klinsmann Saved (Hooper) -
24.08.1994 Everton (Premier League) Home Handball (Unsworth) Teddy Sheringham Missed -
02.03.1994 Aston Villa (Premier League) Home Bosnich (foul on Anderton) Nick Barmby Saved -
02.03.1994 Aston Villa (Premier League) Home ?? (foul on Barmby) Darren Anderton Saved -
27.02.1994 Chelsea (Premier League) Away Foul (Kharine on Rosenthal) Andy Gray Saved (Kharine) -
27.11.1993 QPR (Premier League) Home - (-) Darren Anderton Saved (Roberts) D. Elleray
07.03.1993 Manchester City (FA Cup) Away Foul (-) Teddy Sheringham Missed -
27.02.1993 QPR (Premier League) Home Foul (on Mabbutt) Teddy Sheringham Saved (Roberts) D. Elleray
11.04.1984 Hadjuk Split (UEFA Cup) Away   Mark Falco Saved (Simovic) -
24.03.1984 Coventry City (First Division) Away   Alan Brazil   -
18.01.1982 Nottingham Forest (League Cup) Home   Glenn Hoddle Saved (Shilton) -
06.09.1975 Manchester United (First Division) Away   Jimmy Neighbour Hit bar -
12.08.1972 Coventry City (First Division) Home Foul (on Gilzean) Martin Peters Saved (Glazier) -
15.12.1971 Rapid Bucharest (UEFA Cup) Away   Martin Peters Hit post -
17.02.1971 West Bromwich Albion (First Division) Home   Alan Mullery Saved (Springett) -
02.01.1971 Sheffield Wednesday (FA Cup) Home   Alan Mullery Missed Harold Davey
20.12.1969 West Ham United (First Division) Away Foul (on Pearce) Jimmy Greaves Saved Leo Callaghan
19.08.1969 Burnley (First Division) Away   Jimmy Greaves Saved -
12.11.1966 West Ham United (First Division) Home   Jimmy Greaves   -
08.09.1962 Blackpool (First Division) Home   Danny Blanchflower Saved (Waiters) -
22.03.1961 Newcastle United (First Division) Home   Danny Blanchflower Saved (Hollins) -
16.04.1960 Manchester City (First Division) Home   Cliff Jones Saved (Trautmann) Gilbert Pullin
28.12.1959 Leeds United (First Division) Home   Cliff Jones Hit post -
08.02.1958 Manchester City (First Division) Home   Tommy Harmer Saved (Trautmann) A. E. Westwood
24.08.1957 Chelsea (First Division) Home Foul (?? on Smith) Tommy Harmer Missed -
19.01.1957 Aston Villa (First Division) Home   Tommy Harmer   -
18.12.1954 Aston Villa (First Division) Home   Alf Ramsey Missed -
07.11.1953 Chelsea (First Division) Home   Alf Ramsey Saved -
29.08.1953 Middlesbrough (First Division) Home Foul (Rolando Ugolini on Walters) Alf Ramsey Saved (Ugolini) -
22.09.1951 Manchester United (First Division) Home Foul (Jimmy Carey on Walters) Alf Ramsey Saved (Reg Allen) -
21.10.1950 Stoke City (First Division) Home   Alf Ramsey Saved -
15.11.1947 Leeds United (Second Division) Home   Len Duquemin - -
11.01.1936 Southend United (FA Cup) Home   Les Howe Saved -
27.12.1926 Manchester United (First Division) Away Foul (on Osborne) Tommy Clay Missed -
24.02.1926 Burnley (First Division) Home   Jimmy Dimmock   -
09.04.1912 Manchester United (First Division) Home   Bert Middlemiss   -

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