Lets protest again,
oh like we did all summer

Yeah lets protest again,
demo time is here


Graham Out  we cheer and chant;

Our voices together in harmonic unity.

And Sugar Too we rave and rant;

An opinion we’ve held, I think, for eternity.

And we will fight for our cause; we will fight to the death;

Yes we will scream and we’ll shout till we’re all out of breath.

And when we finally finish our own supporter’s attack;

It surely must mean we’ve our Tottenham back.

But which Spurs side is it who’s return we demand?

Perhaps with Hoddle and Gazza as stars of the band,

With Jennings and Greavsie, and Blanchflower and friends

Helping Ossie and Ricky create amazing new trends.

And maybe Mr. T. Venables as the man in command?

My friends, you’re all living in cloud cuckoo land!

But with Dull Dour Graham booted out on the dole;

To find a new boss, folks, we can search the whole world!

And if it’s entertainment and goals that you’re after this evening,

Which it is, I can gather, from the songs I’ve been hearing,

Then ladies and gentlemen may I present Kevin Keegan!!

Um, ladies and gentlemen – why aren’t you cheering?

What we all really want is for Spurs to start achieving;

And to finish up 1st at the end of each season.

We want to see Spurs play with flair, style, and chic;

And see all that great football which we’ve seen in our sleep.

But if you were now offered just one of those two:

Dull Dour Graham success versus exciting defeats?

I know which one I’d choose, and my friends – so do you.

So let’s all vote for Graham, and let's do it next week!


Who else?

But Gavin Johnson.


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