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06.05 2009

Funny game football ... as much as I feel sorry for Darren Fletcher, after his sending off last night costs him the chance of appearing in the Champions League final, we have to suffer yet again poor decisions by the referee,
who in fairness see tackles/fouls at different angles and have to act on what they see.  Just as Spurs had to suffer a wrong decision at Man Utd when again the player or goalie in this case got the ball first and then the man.  Fate now comes back and stings Manchester United where they may miss a key player for the final.

Until we have a fourth official who can override these decisions by a quick play back on a TV monitor, we ALL have to suffer and that includes Man U.  They cannot appeal.  You can't bend the rules for one and not FOR
another.  What would happen if Fletcher played in the final and scored the winning goal ?! 

No.  Sorry, Darren, but just like your name sake Norman Stanley, you have to do your porridge and miss the game

Uummmm ... Unless we have TV monitors ... but, ummmm, then again United wouldn't get so many penalties and points that way would they ?  FUNNY OLD GAME !!

Talking of funny, to all you Arsenal fans who laughed when United beat us on penalties in the League Cup final this year, your faces on TV last night after 11 minutes was hilarious.  Cheered me up no end.




The look on the Gooners faces was only beaten by those on the mugs of Chelsea last night !!

I am sure that Mr. Hiddink, Terry, Drogba, Ballack and all those others chasing after the referee will be joining you in your call for video evidence to be reviewed within a game.  Shame it has come too late to stop them reaching a Champions League final.

benny the ball



I went to see The Damned United Brian Clough film last week and as I sat there, I remembered being in the old West stand at Spurs right behind the dug out with my Dad when we played Forest in the late 70's and as Brian Clough walked to his dugout everyone around me started clapping him.  He paused and took in all the adulation and reading his lips he was saying "Thank you, thank you" to all us Spurs supporters (his team then went on to beat us 3-1 I think).

God, I thought, how times have changed.  Can you imagine doing that now to Alex Ferguson ?  I think he might get a few hand signals, but certainly no clapping and at the end of the film it hits you how ridiculous it is that and Brian Clough and Bill Nick never got a knighthood. 

Here we have Bill Nick with the 1st BRITISH team to win a European trophy and Brian Clough winning the European Cup and then RETAINING it with ... Nottingham Forest, in the days when it was a straight knockout competition and you had to be Champions to enter it.  Not like now where you can finish 10 points off the leader and still get in and then it's all on a league basis, so if a big club does lose, they have other games to get them through. 

It's outrageous that they both never received a knighthood for their achievements with a English club and what they did for football at a time when it was all played on a level playing field and rich clubs didn't dominate the game.  Yet old chew gumming sore loser Alex ( I never speak to the BBC TV when we lose) Ferguson gets his (but it is Man Utd ain't it).  It's like honouring a space shuttle pilot the highest honour for going into space 18 or 19 times, but not Neil Armstrong for walking on the moon 40 years ago.  Who do you remember ?  Armstrong or the pilot ?

If you loved football in the late 60's early 70's you will love this film, even the actor who plays Dave Mackay was good !!  Yes it's sad that Bill and Brian have both gone and they were born in the wrong era to receive the accolade that minor managers receive now, but what a great era for football.

The Damned United has done it proud.


Having watched the film, I must say that it is very gripping and not without a few hilarious moments, but the way to judge a football film is on the football in it.

The play using the actors picked to play the Leeds and Derby teams is good enough, but the drama comes when Clough is in the manager's office while the game goes on with only the silhouette of the crowd in the background.

It is not that the actors are bad at football, but the only bits of "live" footage for the film that are indiscernible from the real footage are those involving Leeds at their thuggish best.

Despite a few bits of artistic licence (it is a fictional account of the real happenings after all, I do agree with Adam though that for those old enough or those who are young, but interested in what it used to be like back in the day, this film brings back the real terraces and ramshackle grounds we used to visit during football's heyday.

marco van hip



I see Alex blames that 4-1 defeat by Liverpool on them having an extra days rest thanks to the Sky TV schedule.  That's right Alex, which is why you beat us in the Carling Cup final when your team had a few extra days rest, as we had to play three days before the final, but I don't recall you complaining about that.

And did you see Old Trafford half empty with five minutes to go on Saturday.  PATHETIC prawn sandwich munchers.  What happened was the supporters train for Euston London leaving earlier that day or what ?

Oh, and Alex, don't complain about the FA Cup semi being played at Wembley, it's not so far for your supporters to travel to and it will almost be like a home game.

SIR Alex, you sad bad loser.  Admit Liverpool blew you away and you are not as great as the hype makes out.

4-1 4-1 4-1 4-1

Liverpool for the champions league AGAIN.




Can someone please tell me Spurs will not get relegated, because last week I heard Mark Lawrenson on M.O.T.D. saying Spurs won't go down as they are half way up the table.

Now, today I open the Daily Star to see Harry Redknapp - and I quote - "Redknapp was adamant his squad could mount a challenge on the top four next term, although he admitted it was easier said than done.  He goes on, "hopefully it can happen next year. We certainly don't want to be in the position we are in now we have good players and can give anyone a game but with the potential of this club and fan base we should be pushing to get up there."

I'm sorry ... have Spurs already got 42 points this season.  Are we safe from the drop already, have I missed something ?  Even the bookies only talk about WBA, Hull, Stoke, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Boro as who will avoid THE DROP.

WE ARE 4 POINTS ABOVE THE DROP !!  We have to visit Villa, Liverpool, Man Utd, Everton with another easy game against Chelsea at home, so that's 50% of our games left.

How many points do you really think we will get from these five games ?  Maybe three if we are lucky.  I think our season rests on three home matches - WBA, MAN CITY, NEWCASTLE.  All are must win games, but we seem to be in a false sense of security as we are up the table, but with some sides who are below us playing each other, it's a certainty that someone will gain on us. 

So can someone please tell me to stop worrying, as I don't think I can take much more of this season.  Three points against Villa tomorrow will ease my sleepless nights.


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