the ramos revival

With Juande Ramos starting to stamp his mark on the team, the progress is being seen.
Perhaps it will not be complete for a year or so, but he is the next step on from Martin Jol.



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There are few things in football that are certain and while you can rely on the Spurs hierarchy to do things in as embarrassing a manner as is possible, they seem to have identified the right man in Juande Ramos to take Spurs forward.

With some astute and brave substitutions and a willingness to deploy players where they will do the best job for the team, if not for their reputation, Ramos appears to be the man who might be the match for some of the more established Premiership managers tactics.

While Ramos is in charge, the effect that Gus Poyet is having on the side should not be underestimated.  He is not merely "The Radio" barking out instructions as his former nickname indicates, nor just a cheerleader for the side.  Look at what happened at Leeds when he left.  With Wise on his own, results suffered and the team looked a shadow of former weeks, when they overcame the fifteen point deduction.

Having gone back to Uruguay when he retired from Spurs, to be involved in youth football and then taking the well-trod path from Swindon Town in the lower leagues and ending up at Tottenham, he has served his time, albeit a short time, to get a top job.

The Head Coach seems content to let Comolli do the scouting, but it looks as if he will stand no nonsense in which players he wants.  The main issue seemed to revolve around the transfer of Stewart Downing, with the Sporting Director being a big fan, while the word was Ramos didn't fancy him.  Now, I think in this instance, Ramos is not a bad judge.  If we are to spend anything from 7 million to 12 million on the Middlesbrough winger, why not go and spend it on Diego Capel, who Juande knows from Sevilla and is reckoned to be a great talent.  Same position, same price, but younger and a more potent attacking force.  We will have to wait until the summer to see who wins this particular battle, but I know who I would rather see in the side.

With still a lot to play for this season, I am sure Ramos will get things how he wants them ready for the nest campaign.



Blatantly we owe a great deal to Martin Jol for all that he achieved at the Lane but the last few weeks both on and off the field should fill us all with a great deal of confidence about our future under Ramos.

The emergence of O'Hara plus the use of Tom Huddlestone and Tainio over the last few games demonstrates a a huge tactical awareness. Over a very short period of time he has proven himself capable of getting the best of what is available to him and judging by the transfer window, has identified our shortcomings and solved them.

Hutton, Gunter, Woodgate and Gilberto compliment the squad that already exists, fit perfectly into an emerging style of play and will prove sound investments.

The ejection of ' how long can I drag my feet before I sign a new contract' - Defoe - who for the record was an individual not a team player who recently only scored goals against tired or poor teams, is good business and did not allow another 'Campbell-gate' situation. As for him being regarded as an English international - we should be ashamed.

Finally, we have a management team who respond tactically during a game to changing circumstances, make decisive and brave changes and who will, given time, bring back the glory glory days to White Hart Lane.


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